Forest Green Rovers (H) - Sat 10th April, 3pm

Phil Brown coming back to Southend.

For me Norman has done well this season. Although I think he has found his level. For there is definitely something going on behind the scenes with him . I think he found himself a better deal and agreed it in January and that is his decision.
But whilst he is our player and continues to perform should have been played.

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Jack Fitzwater, David Mehew, Bryan Small, Scott Laird, Isiah Osbourne, Dave Barnett, Jimmy Rollo, Will Randall, Steve Winter, Matt Gadsby, Tony Daley, Paul McLoughlin and Reuben Reid played for both clubs. Gavin Caines was on our books but don’t know whether he played a competitive match, but did play for them. Andy Rammell signed for them but I don’t think he played a competitive match. I thought Tahvon Campbell had played for us but I might have dreamt it, but he did play for them.

4-0 Walsall. The palyers put on a great display, winning 7 pelanties which Briab describes as aquedate.

Don’t be so silly Exile, this has 4-2 written allover it.


Not putting a foot wrong doesn’t mean he’s been “that good” it means he’s made few errors. But he just isn’t going to get even that credit for some for this season so it is best for everyone he moves on.

“Apparent attitude”? What on earth is that referring too? Ohhhhh it’s winning us free kicks isn’t it?

You tell me. Maybe the reasons I just gave.

I think you are right about Norman .It could also be true of others such as Gordon and McDonald. It would not surprise me but am I bothered?

I was just thinking about player of the season…

I genuinely can’t think of anyone who would deservedly win it.

It will end up being just someone who put a lot of effort in (Kinsella) and wins by default- or …? I have no idea.

Shows you bad we have performed this season.


I will bet you any money nobody in the football league signs him next season

Would it be fair for Adebayo to win it? Probably.

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He was certainly our most effective player. Kinsella for effort and, in his own limited terms, effectiveness. The only other player I can think of is Sadler who has done a fine, unexpected job.

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Agree on Sadler …I am amazed at his fitness levels. I think however if I had a vote it would go to Kinsella .He has certainly been our most consistent performer.

Here’s some more classic quotes from Dutton in the express and star .

“We genuinely go into every fixture trying to win the game and attack so it’s another game we will set up to try and win.

“I look at every fixture as a good opportunity.

“Teams who have dipped in form are definitely more preferable to play against than the ones in red-hot form, but Mark Cooper is an excellent manager and it won’t be an easy fixture.

“We can’t be complacent, we don’t know which Forest Green is going to turn up.

You couldn’t make that last one up.


Has a 0-0 written all over it for me.

About time we saw a 0-0 draw, all these goals and wins get a little overbearing eventually.

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Just noticed Colchester are playing tonight might have a look.

Due to the recent performances of both teams I would expect a draw at least though a win is possible. Just missing some confidence and I believe the win will come.

3-0 to the Super, Soaraways!

Flash to discover where the goal is located & smash in the perfect hattrick…

So Left Foot Right Foot and a Header?? Can I have some of what your smoking Professor?

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