Former players - where are they now?

Seems Andy Butler is doing the plumbing at Posh, not without controversy though

Some key differences here including the nature of the crime, the individual being found innocent by the legal system and an awful individual posting the article while the employee is still with the club and under immense pressure as some sort of misguided notion of ‘getting him out’.

However I think you knew these differences, rather your sole motivation seems to be to acquire as many ‘likes’ as possible rather than offer a thoughtful or insightful opinion on anything.

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Thanks for clearing that up Dan.


The article was shared on UTS in a post dated 20th May. BD was relieved of his duties ten days earlier.


Don’t let FACTS get in the way :eyes:


Surely confirmation that it must be the mole, you can’t even get the facts correct ,typical mole characteristics getting things wrong.:+1:


Rob, Ramred is clearly a C U Next Tuesday, but don’t try and defend posting what you posted mate, just leave it in the past, much like the subject of said post.


Pipe down James, you got your facts wrong.

Ex Saddler Kory Roberts has signed for AFC Telford on loan in the NL North.

Good luck to him, was so promising before his terrible injury.


Scott Dann came off the bench for Reading tonight, I think that was his first appearance for them.

Adebayou got a couple for Luton tonight against Coventry and Patterson scored for Swansea

He was potentially going to be one of the best defender’s we ever produced before he broke his leg I’ve never seen a player so young and comfortable on the ball than him , Hopefully he does well and we can have him back .

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The fact he has gone to Bromley and has now been loaned to AFC Telford would suggest his career is unfortunately nose diving.

Mind you if we continue our downward trajectory I guess it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility he could find his way into a Walsall shirt again.


Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere…Callum Cockerill-Mollett has signed for Tamworth.

Good luck to him, I hope he does well, always liked him.


Jason Demetriou takes temporary charge of Southend.

Saw Southend at Solihull Moors a couple of weeks ago. I thought Phil Brown was going to get sacked during the game when the chairman went across to confront the fans. Good luck to Demetriou …and he’ll need it. Walsall really need to take note of just how quickly such teams can sink…


All the best to Demetriou he is certainly going to need it.

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Suprised he has stayed there surely he’s better than that level?

Probably, but he’s 33, wants to stay local and there isn’t a lot of choice in that area, only Colchester playing at a higher level that I can think of. Maybe Orient, he started there.