Freddie Draper Signs

I wonder who you’re on about :rofl:

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Not to mention he nearly scored with a bicycle kick!!


Tits up :joy: :wink:

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Out of nothing at that …brilliant.

Wish we could of picked him up as a signing rather than a loan, but hey lets enjoy the lad while we have him and hopefully he will remember Walsall as being part of his progress in the game and a big part of his career.

I said to the guys around me within his first 10 minutes as a Walsall player we had someone special.


He didn’t show very much against Villa (hardly surprising) but when he came on against Rochdale … :exploding_head:

From his first touch you could see he’s got the lot - power, speed, good feet, and a footballing brain.


Didn’t go to the yearly coffers game, it was the Rochdale game I refer to mate


I heard Sadler sort of compare draper to Geoff horsfield and I can understand that . Horsfield made the most of his physique and physical attributes and was a real handful even at championship level .
For a lad who has only recently turned 19 draper uses his body unbelievably well to roll defenders etc

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Let’s hope this +Bennett last season, plus Pring and Nurse who did well here is the beginning of repairing our reputation that we can improve young hungry players, whether it be to help get players in on loan or tempt local lads who get released from the bigger clubs around us.


Lol lets not fall in love with a loan player again.

Mayo; Bennet; DJ - thus far it hasnt really worked out for us.

Protect your heart’s boys!


Obviously forgotten Steve Claridge then…:rofl:

He’s a bigger Andy Cook.

I remember his socks

His run for the second goal on Saturday was very reminiscent of Bernie Wright in his heyday. He used to run at defenders and his physical presence was so great that they just seemed to bounce off him. He had good feet and a decent shot, too. He caused havoc in the ManU defence when we played them in the FA Cup, first at Old Trafford and then at Fellows Park.

Draper will get mauling after mauling with the way the refs favour defenders in League 2 but he looks as if he revels in it and the defenders will know they have been in a game with him.


If Trivela had bought Drogheda a year or so earlier we would probably have signed Draper.

What difference would that have made? He was never their player, was he? Just went on loan there. Unless I missed something, which isn’t unusual.


No,it’s me Who’s missed something…:joy:


Lincoln first choice striker ruled out injured today for 3-5 months.

Interesting what they do with Draper in January now.

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They’ll obviously recall him!!

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Of course they will. Liam Bennett all over again (to a degree)

Let’s hope we have 30 points by then