Freddie Draper Signs

Why because of his 2 in 8 so far? Stand by what I said at this point which was “nonplussed”.

I’ve been impressed with his work rate though and how he puts himself about. Very physical.

I’ve read it top to bottom and think it’s very early for anyone to be giving it told you so. The DJT thread is a good one to have a read through though …

Quality young player who is obviously destined for better things…. fingers crossed they’ll not recall him. Is only going to get better as the season goes on.

Just a bit of a joke El N. Apologies if it didn’t come off like that. I do believe though that Draper and Liam Bennett are good examples of why players shouldn’t be written off based on the perceived status of their parent club (Lincoln and Cambridge) or before they’ve kicked a ball. Because let’s be honest, whilst I’m not saying you did that, it did happen.

As fans, the eye test is always the best point to do that, which with Draper you could tell from pre-season that he’d be able to compete at League Two level. As you point out though, it makes the recruitment of DJT even more strange as you would imagine the coaching staff would’ve seen first hand for an entire year the limitations he has in this division.

DJT is a pointless squad filler type signing showed nothing last season to warrant a permanent deal stinks of a cheap body in my opinion.


Imagine if he added more goals to his game!
For him to get a big move he needs to add them however hard he works x

He has 10 goals in 28 games with 5 assists for us and Drogheda, for a lad in his first professional loan spells away from his parent club, surely that is a great return?

Compare him to Marvellous Onabirekhanlen who is pretty much the same age as Fred and he’s had three loan spells out in the last six months and i don’t think he’s had a single goal contribution.

If only we could be producing players through our academy like Freddie Draper, like Liam Bennett :unamused:


Looks like they have another striker out as well.

This is looking like Bennett all over again. Anyone know if he can be recalled at anytime or do we at least have him until Jan ?

If he does end up leaving then what ever the heck is going on with DJ/Sadler becomes even more worrying. DJT and Matt up front … because by then Oteh will be playing wing back :slight_smile:

Can only be recalled during the transfer window I believe.

Or Lincoln would possibly be breaking the contract which would not be a done thing to do :thinking:

“Neither had managed to find the net this season before being injured, but Kennedy readily admits their absences will be felt.”

Neither done much to add to goals tally according to the article…

Draper is a good young player, but he will be nowhere near how much we missed Bennett and DJ.

Draper shouldn’t be starting every match. I think that’s poor (naive?) management personally.


Why not?

Much more of a threat than Matt or James Taylor.


Because he played in the farmers league.

Because he won’t be for long if he’s overused. He’s still a young player and the weight of expectation will outweigh his impact for sure.

Personally I think we’re over egging his impact a little already….maybe in desperation but over egging all the same.

Personally I think if Matt, Oteh, or DJ (maybe even DJT) had played the minutes he has I’d be surprised if the returns would be much different…



The above two posters don’t seem to understand young player management.

Well I think that’s football fans in general I wouldn’t level it at any particular age / type….fans see the right here right now and managers / coaches need to manage the loads to prolong peak performances wherever possible to avoid as many of the low levels as possible….they’ll always still happen but you can try and limit them or shorten them but resting players.

It’s also hard at moment because everyone’s a little impatient for immediate results / performances so it’s understandable.

There’s a balance between playing your best 11 and playing players regularly in order to keep them sharp and knowing when they need to have a rest…


Always seems to be the answer from sections of the fans though, we have a bright young player and theres a clamour for them to play, like they’re the next Messi or something.

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Hes played 3 full 90 minutes hardly overused.

Can you imagine the stick the fans would give Sadler if he benched Draper for James-Taylor against Wimbledon.


Has he been overused so far though?

During pre season he played 45 minutes against Villa, 30 minutes against Rochdale and 45 minutes against Solihull.

Walsall have played 10 games in all competitions so far this season and Freddie has completed a full 90 minutes just three times.

He missed the first two games through suspension, then the first three games he did play in, he played an hour in each.

After the first couple of games, people said he didn’t look match fit and needed minutes.

Since then, he’s played 90 minutes three times.

Maybe Sadler feels that way too?

Started with two defeats with Freddie not available, so maybe thought he’s got to play him to try and get results and since he’s been in the team, we’ve lost 2 league games out of 7.

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