Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


No coincidence that was a major quality of DD’s teams.


Another brilliant performance. A real connection between fans and the team is forming. Dobson, Ginnelly and Ferrier utter class.


Andy Cook is crucial to this team. Nearly every goal kick that came to him resulted in a flick on or a free kick in our favour. He might not be on the ball much, but his presence makes all the difference.


Agree absolutely. He may not be scoring the goals but what he brings to the dynamic of the team is excellent. Occupies a defender, wins free-kicks, brings others into play. His lay-off to Morris with his back to goal made the second goal.

Defensively he gives us everything Andy Rammell did, especially at corners and set pieces and with a bit of luck he will add 10-15 odd goals. Love the bloke.


Really enjoyed that! It took me back to the days of Nicholl teams with Scotty Houghton and Gaydon teams with Wracky. Very organised, lots of chasing and closing down and blocks. The big difference this season is that the players really seem to want to play for Keates and are desperate to win. I think we need cover at LB as well as CB as I thought Leahy was knackered at the end. I’m still not sure about Devlin’s ability, but he has a massive heart. This is looking reminiscent of the season under Gaydon when we were tipped for relegation and came second.

Big respect to Deano for bringing excitement back to the Bescot. Under Smith, it was total Football, but turgid at times, this team is anything but. First time I have seen Ferrier this season, he is a beast! Pace, power and what a finish! I think he will score more than Cook this season.


I’ll post my thoughts later but I’d like to say that credit where it’s due, Luke Leahy played well today.


Yes!!! Up the Luke Leahy


There is something about this team, something special.

Ferrier could just be the signing of all time. Just listened to him to talk to fans in the B****r Suite. Seemed really level headed and a decent lad.

Getting excited.

Bonser out.


@chunkster Get your arse down the games fella. I hate Bonser easily as much as you do. I detest the ■■■■■■. However, to deny yourself the privilege of watching this team because of that parasite is a crying shame for a fan of your obvious passion.

Love Walsall, ■■■■■■■ hate Bonser.


Watched it on ifollow again. Another good performance, defensively solid with everyone putting their bodies on the line. Great on the break with two good goals. I wonder what folks thought of Morris today? He had some good runs but lacked end product sometimes, had a good chance to hit one just after the 1st goal.


I know buddy it’s killing me :pensive: And i have been offered a pint by @RedandWhite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We don’t have one until we actually sell him!!! I’m sure Boreham Wood fans are hoping that they’ve got a decent sell on clause though!


He seemed to want to constantly check back and play it infield. I just wish sometimes he’d try and skin the fullback and whip it in.


Yep that was frustrating. He can scare players by running at them and whipping it across, but not by cutting inside and playing it back.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought we were great today, really enjoyed it. Fantastic to have a manager that knows how to organise a team at both ends of the pitch.


still stands mate , nearly got one extra case you turned up :sweat_smile:


He (Morris) seems to have lost his way over the last 2 years. I would think that this season is make or break for him. I didn’t think he did much wrong, but wasn’t fantastic either. I agree that he comes inside too often, is this a confidence issue? Or a hangover from the Whitney years? Who knows, but he has to improve quickly.


I love how the idiots on Sky have put forward Ferrier’s goal for the goal of the day vote but keep showing Osbourne’s goal by mistake. I guess that just shows how good Osbourne’s goal was as well!


Yes, idiots as his is much better than the one that is leading. How do you vote?


Not sure, never voted before. I think the voting may have closed now anyway. Sky just had to admit showing the wrong goal for the last hour - baffoons!

Correction - vote is still open and Ferrier’s vote percentage has dramatically risen since Sky started showing the correct goal. He’s now second


Another really enjoyable day watching Walsall. It’s becoming the norm. Which is odd.

A great couple of goals.

A shame we didn’t grab that third when right on top at the start of the second half. Cook could do with a goal. Had we got that third, the way we were playing we could have gone on and scored many more.

I thought Dobson and Ginnelly were immense today and Ferrier is a real find.

Three or four points from these two tricky away games and I think we can call this a fantastic start.

Really encouraging.