Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


Chambers will get his chance when Dobson gets suspended for accumulating all these yellow cards.

Good win. I’d have taken a draw before kick off.


Kinsella :wink:


Good game again today. We’re so good to watch. As @JumboTrudgeon said, we are working hard, attacking and have two upfront - exactly what I love to see too.

Gillingham have started the season well but they just became another victim that couldn’t handle our strength + talent in the middle or our pace down the wings which is really encouraging, especially as I was a bit fearful when I saw no Zeli in the squad.

Special mention to Luke Leahy who had his best game in a Walsall shirt for us today. His partnership with Ginnelly is fantastic.

Long may this continue, onto Wimbledon on Tuesday night!


I don’t see a problem with the finishing to be honest. Yes we missed chances but that’s 8 goals in 4 games from this team so far. Continue that for the season and we will win a lot of games.

Think the problem is more to do with game management and solidifying the defence. We do look an awful lot better in that department but it’s still not good enough. No clean sheet yet this season which blighted us last season too. If we can sort that who knows what could happen this season.


Gillingham fan here as the name suggests. I was at the game yesterday and was very impressed by what I saw from you guys. Very well organised with bags of pace and power up top. We were perhaps a bit too naive in the first half and left Ferrier one on one countless times, which obviously led to the first goal. The thing that impressed me most though was the amount of blocks that your defence made, we had a few good opportunities in the second half but every time there were two Walsall bodies being thrown in front of the ball.

All in all we didn’t play as well as we could but that’s down to naivety and also you guys being very good. Good luck for the rest of the season guys, hope you do well.


Well,I did it.For the first time in years I went to The Banks’s (along with 2 Sons,a daughter-in-law,and 6 grandkids} yesterday,here’s what I thought.

I was impressed with Gillingham’s midfield/attacking players,especially number 14,their interplay was excellent…and all in all a very dangerous team.But what impressed me most was the 8 man impenetrable wall that Walsall’s defence/midfield put up every time Gillingham pushed forward.Just as impressive was the way defence quickly turned to attack when the danger was over.I can’t see how Chambers will get back in the team even though Osbourne looked really tired for the final 15 mins.The one minus point for me was why did Keates leave it until injury time to bring Gordon on,just seeing his electric pace forced me to compare him with Morris, who in my opinion was a bit of a let down.

Roberts…Looked very confident,handled crosses very well,suprised me. 8/10

Devlin…Looked better than I was led to believe he would,but needs to improve more 6/10

Fitzwater…Looks a very good centre half,looked impressive on set piece’s too 8/10

Guthrie…considering the size of their forwards won a lot of ball’s in the air 9/10

Leahy…I was expecting him to be poor after all the comments I’d read on UTS about him,but he could well be one of the players that Keates offers a new and improved contract to before the season ends,looked very good 9/10

Morris…not impressed at all,he lacks the pace and self confidence of Ismail and it showed,every time he got the ball he checked and passed it backwards 6/10

Osbourne…looked good,scored an excellent goal,got some timely tackles in,only about 80% fit I thought. 8/10

Dobson…Unshackled since Whitney left,looks at least a championship player possibly higher,what a player he is,I think it has built his confidence by (A) making him captain & (B) Keats encouraging him to play to his strength’s rather Whitney forcing him to fit in to his ridiculous idiolagy 9/10

Ginnely… very fast and very dangerous,was fed some excellent balls by Dobson,controlled them well and carried them forward.Linked well with Leahy and the 2 forwards 9/10

Cook…won every ball that was punted up to him by Roberts,and usually found one of his own players with his nod downs and flick on’s.that guy reminds me of Steve Claridge or George Andrews,not much pace but you would put money on him to win a ball against any defender and he will score loads of goals,a legend in the making. 8/10

Ferrier…He is dangerous with his pace,skill and bustling runs,brilliant goal yesterday after a brilliant Dobson pass always looking for that shooting opportunity,I like him a lot.If I had to choose who will score the most goals this season out of Ferrier and Cook I think it would be Ferrier,with Cook not far behind but with a lot more assists 9/10

Gordon…Looked very good even though he was only on for 3 mins,very pacey good control.
I think he would have made a better job on the wing than Morris did,once he gets in the team through injury or suspension he will be hard to dislodge.Not on for long but 8/10

I enjoyed my return to the Banks’s,the team play with what you might call controlled freedom,with the emphasis on defending as you would expect from Keates,but when any danger is over its all out attack,only because Keates has got 2 out and out strikers who would sell their mothers to score a goal.I can only see the team getting better and better as the players all learn their roles and Osbourne gets 100% fit. Can’t wait to go again.



Well, I said I was looking forward to the game and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!
Pure entertainment from start to finish - this is certainly a team to get behind, sooo much better than the last few seasons.
I have to agree with the general consensus over Morris’s game, although he didn’t have a bad game - by his recent standards - we would have so much more dangerous if Zeli had been there. I’m always willing him to beat his man - but it never quit happens does it.


The Morris criticisms are harsh. I thought we saw the Morris of old yesterday. I thought he played very well.


Hi guys,
First time messaging but I’ve often read! I also became dissulissioned with everything down at the Bank"s especially the last few seasons ( I know exactly where Ancient Moaner or is it Worsul4 ever? Was coming from) sheer frustration, I’m not even going to start giving my views, especially concerning our saviour Mr Bonser!! Anyway back to the Gills game, I enjoyed the intensity and work rate of all the guys, there really is a defiant mood about about them, dare I say very similar to the Shrews last season! Like everyone I was really concerned about lack of signings so close to the start of the season, and really did begin to wonder if Dean had what it takes to manage at this level? That will be evident about 10 to 15 games in! But he has made some good signings who are Lacey and hungry, can’t believe we’ve done a Peterborough and signed a cracking unknown forward in Ferrier, he will go for decent money in the future! Cook is a throwback to when centre forwards bundled the centre half and keeper into the back of the net, feisty and horrible to play against. Dobson who for such a young age is playing a dynamic role and gives so much passion, I questioned why he was made captain? But it is blindly obvious! I hold my hands up and say I never rated him, thought he was lightweight when on loan, and thought it was a huge mistake resigning him, I wrong I was!! Before ending my opening message I must say that there was some really good individual performances yesterday but Ginelly was absolutely outstanding, that kid worked his socks off to cover Leahy and still pose a constant threat going forward, I haven’t seen a Walsall player sprint back from the opposite box back to his own to offer defensive cover, but I did yesterday when Ginelly did it late in the game, love this kid!! Kieron take note mate? Oh well better go, don’t won’t to outstay my welcome.


Personally i thought Morris played rather well. He set up the 1 goal after some good play. Yeah he lacks the pace of ismail but still he did well.


To criticise Morris after that performance is in my opinion brain dead. Him cutting back was the reason for our second goal, taking two defenders out the game.

As mentioned before, that is the Morris of old, he’s quick but not electric, maybe he is conscious of going down the outside and ending up running in a cul de sac as he no longer has an option on if the player keeps up with him and the chances of him finding a man drastically reduce. He should try and mix it up though to avoid being easy to defend against but he was just as essential as anyone else on that pitch in regards to us being a TEAM that was hard to beat and a real threat on the counter…I hope he don’t read this forum… best game in a long time and he’s getting criticised.


You’ve certainly got a way with words Wednesbury…so people are “brain dead” if they express an opinion different to yours are they…:neutral_face:


Brain dead is the wrong way to put it but compared to recent performances Morris was much improved yesterday and drove the team forward well. I genuinely don’t understand how anyone can say he was poor


Morris wasn’t poor, was decent enough, but at best he’s a 6 or 7 out of 10 player. He’ll do a job as a squad player.


You want to know one of my favourite moments yesterday … Fitzwater somehow ending up in the opponents box, having a shot then sprinting back to get back in position. Absolutely superb.


One moment I loved was Ferrier barging a defender over when he had no real chance of getting the ball. All he wants to do is rile defenders up and I love it. Cook does it too.


Agree way to much of that on this board , it’s all about opinions.


All about opinions mate! Don’t think I criticised Kieran? Just would like to see him be more of a danger going forward! Just an observation! After all " he’s one of our own" and it would be great to see him develop. Brain dead I ain’t cup I can count to ten and do joined up handwriting I fink!


Don’t think anyone said Morris was poor or criticised his performance. He had one of his better games and carried the ball well but always seemed to hit a wall and turn back rather than cross. I’m sure this is lack of confidence still and worries too much about making mistakes.