IFollow for saturday

My ifollow keeps buffering now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Shoutout for you just! :flushed:

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No chance

Definitely was, wonder who asked for it?

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I was elsewhere, selecting my next bottle (Shipyard)

Haha you need to go back and listen later. In the game thread some of them heard it!

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You spend more time in the fridge so how can you hear them? :grin: :wink:


Important to integrate into the Spanish way of life

Watched Walsall with a couple of real ales. now off for a ruby :wink:

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Would that be a tapas ruby then? :grin: :wink:

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Full blown one tonight :smile:

Down the port

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The old chilli la Duquesa :+1:

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Indeed :+1:

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God knows what any Exeter fans would have thought ( I know he read a couple out) as I found it incredibly tedious.
I cannot get our commentary on our video away games (despite advice on here) so if I had to listen to the equivalent of that on an away game I would be royally fed up.
I think his commentaries are generally excellent but it was OTT today.

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No complaints today other than the awful commentary.
Tom Marlow is usually quite good - but basically having a meandering “chat” with a co-commentator for 90 minutes + endless shout-outs was bilge.

Yep they were on a tangent, missing most of the action at times as if the football was secondary to why they were there?

:joy::joy: he was talking complete nonsense for most of it.

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Don’t wait for a decent time or a break in play to show action replays which is annoying.

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I had issues for the first time with iFollow this weekend. I kept on getting an error message when entering my code and selecting PayPal as payment method. I’ve done this for every game previously so not sure why it wasn’t working this time. However, when I entered a card as my payment method it went through ok.

Other issue I had was with the picture quality, kept pixelating and buffering. My internet connection is good and I’ve never had this issue previously, but yesterday’s game it happened throughout.

IFollow really isn’t the easiest to use and I don’t think they’ve been able to gear it up for the number of users that are using it now.

Yes. I usually have no problems but experienced exactly the same issues yesterday.

Same for me re PayPal which I normally use to pay. Used card instead.