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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


As much as I like Kieron it was completely madness he actually started a play off semi final first leg away from home as a CM in a two man central midfield.

It was just a Whitney brainwave to get him, Milan, Forde and Sawyers all in the first team. Worked against Vale but reckless to think it could just sweep past a very inform Barnsley.


Morris is a clever player and Smith knew how to use him, drop onto spaces, lay it off, move and find space again in the centre of the goal. Unfortunately he’s not going to stick his head down and drive at people so he’s not a Keates player.

I wouldn’t get rid of him, I doubt he’s on as much as some and has the ability to change a game, we need players like that. He’ll end up at another league 1 club


I first saw it on one of my WhatsApp pages lol


I have never associated Morris with being clever :thinking:


The sad fact is Morris was a better player when he broke into the team four years ago then he is now.

There were the makings of a good player in there but it just hasn’t happened, how much longer do we wait?


He must be a ■■■■■■■ genius the amount of years he has managed to fool everyone into thinking he is a good football player :joy:


Morris hasn’t progressed since he first broke into the team when he looked a good prospect. Recently, he has looked very average, but he has been in good company with Roberts, Devlin, Leahy, Guthrie, Martin, Ismail, Dobson and Osborne. I think it’s time for a fresh start for him and the club. We need a couple of defenders urgently but I am more optimistic than this time last year as we have a better balanced squad and a goal scorer this season. We just need to find some consistency and string a couple of wins together. It’s time to pull together and keep the faith.


I’m gonna jump to Kieron’s defence here.

He’s one of our own, he’s been through 2 years of Whitney management, he’s served us well, played in a variety of positions.

Personally, I think there’s a footballer in there - we don’t have many players that can carry a ball, Morris can, we don’t have many that are willing to have a go and score screamers (granted a few go row z, but that even happens to the best).

He was excellent under Smith, but never pushed on after Smith left. I think that maybe reflects more on the clubs ability to nurture players, and how it’s been severely damaged in the last 3 years.


Morris has popped up with some useful performances and goals over the years However he’s clearly not the brightest and I reckon a player that needs more confidence than most, he needs to be man managed correctly, Dean Keates told him he wasn’t wanted or needed then he should have gone and not hung around.
I wonder if something happened at Wrexham when they played there together ???
Either way he’s gonna have the pi55 took out of him by the other players on Monday lol


He needs to go into training and own the situation otherwise he could fall apart completely, his mum really has done him no favours whatsoever.

If it were me (as im a joker) I would go in wearing a school uniform, satchel etc with a handwritten note from ‘mum’ explaining why he cannot do P.E. He really does need to own this situation now.


Well I think the song that may be aired next home game maybe something like this!! To the tune of " he’s one of our own" "she’s having a moan, she’s having a mooaan, keirons mom she’s having a moan😂


I hope he is played next game, comes out and scores a hatrick and goes on to be player of the season and is sold for 1 million to coventry :joy:


He’s out of contract at the end of the season, so he’ll leave on a free.


To be honest, i don’t think it will happen anyway :wink:


I think after this outburst, he will find it very difficult to get another pro contract anywhere??


Only just seen this…poor Keiron after not progressing as we all hoped he would he now has his mother interfering in his life. He will be the butt of dressing room jokes and I doubt he will play for us again. I hope he leaves this window and finds a Club where his talents are appreciated and a local paper who are ready for often used phrase “Morris shoots wide”


Nothing against Kieron’s mum, but its Mussa’s mum all day long for me. Even thinking of writing a poem about her, even at this early stage.

Mussa had a lovely mum
If she ever comes to Toon
I’ll woo her with a chocolate bun
Like a Brabant crazed Walloon.

(apologies for re-using lines stolen from previous poems, and also to my wife. However, I firmly believe the number of poems I can get “Brabant crazed Walloon” into has got to benefit the collective world psyche.)


Fixed that for you


Come on, its Sunday afternoon on UTS, and I’ve convinced myself its sweet as a nut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be fair it looks like Morris handled it pretty well. Best thing he could do was apologise.