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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


The thing about Joe Masi and the whole ‘ban’ thing is that when a media outlet is banned it immediately makes the story 10 times bigger! It kind of makes them a martyr for the cause.

About 16 years ago the then Plymouth owner banned BBC Radio Devon from the ground, so they hired a high rise platform to sit outside the ground so they could watch and report on the games. It immediately got the fans’ cause onto national news.

Nobody is brave enough to rock the boat at Walsall, but the more dissenting voices that are added from the terraces will soon turn that attitude…


Joe’s a fantastic chap and basically a Walsall supporter now.

Nick Mashiter was actually banned from the stadium for a few games following the publication of a slighy negative article about the club.

Trust me, the club are like North Korea when it comes to the press and the media. Anything negative, and you’re out of there.


What have we become? :zipper_mouth_face: :cry:


Not sure what kind of journalism people want from this. It’s a mom having a moan on Facebook, not exactly watergate is it.

Do we really need to know if deano and Morris have kissed and made up? Either way he’s gone at the end of the season.


Jeff “Reggie Kray” Bonser :joy::joy:


WOW! Whoever wrote that rant should seriously consider going back to school. Absolutely terrible English. Grammar - F, Punctuation - F, Spelling - F!


If Masi got barred from the club he could report based on what’s posted on Walsall Fans Have A Spazz. His column would be more entertaining…