L 1-0 vs Salford City (A) - League Two - Tue 31st Jan, 7:45pm

Would have thought frozen pitches were a thing of the past given the planet is going to be nothing but a ball of flaming molten rock within the next 10 years😁

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Sshhh, it’s all us humans that are at fault, nothing at all to do with nature, or the planets natural evolution. lets all sit out in the middle of a busy road and stop everyone from getting to work etc, that would change everything!

Wouldn’t make much difference to anyone on our roads as you end up going slow anyway. Also as cars give out more emissions when they go slower shouldn’t we be trying to speed it up not slow it down and make it queue up. I propose they build fast express roads between all grounds so football traffic does not add to the problem otherwise football will be banned as it creates nonessential traffic.

Mind you Salford can hardly be held responsible on that account, where as us on the other hand…:grin:

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Let’s have a stop oil protest and travel to it in our cars :man_facepalming:t2: .

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It’s obvious to many that rearrangements are pretty much nailed on to be a Tuesday night but it never seems to piss me off any less.

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So I am going to spend my 66th Birthday freezing to death in a soulless stadium in Prestwich :unamused:


But think of the kudos you’ll earn from your fellow saddlers

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Would have been better to have moved it to Sunday, apparently it’s gonna be 16 degrees! Deck chair territory, different to yesterday, we managed to crawl up to -7 at 3pm! Come live in Cheshire folks, who needs southern Spain?

There’s also the rearranged Wimbledon game from 3rd round day (and hopefully more from later rounds). Good chance that Crewe on Saturday may get canned (will have been colder for longer than got Salford called off).

We could have a very busy back end of January/February - and they are usually the worst 2 months for postponements as it is.

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May I be the first to wish you a Happy Twirly Day, in advance.

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On the upside it does give the likes of Mcentee and Wilkinson chance to get up to speed a bit.Granted it’s not match fitness but hopefully on the training ground(weather permitting)or in the gym they can get fitter whilst we aren’t playing.


My ticket for the original game arrived today.


Just read Salfords move to the AJ Bell stadium has fell through leaving them stuck in there non league ground that can’t be developed any further. What a shame.

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Why try to develop it anymore anyway , to fit another half dozen fans they might attract :man_shrugging:

May be a ground share at old trafford given the massive crowds they get🤣

Probably in view of having capacity to accomodate L1 away followings. Hopefully they never get there though.

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Looks like we have a bunch of new investors that look a lot more savvy than that lot at Salford will ever be.

Playing in the AJ Bell with 1800 fans there would probably be worse than at the Meccano ground - it would sound dead and echoey!
Think they need to attract more fans before they think about moving to a different ground tbh.

If they are that bothered, they could always try and buy The Cliff in Lower Broughton from their Man Utd pals and try to develop that!!

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They are worried now if they were to get promoted i think mate Burtons ground only holds around 6000 though i think and they manage in League one.