L 1-0 vs Salford City (A) - League Two - Tue 31st Jan, 7:45pm

18 from that list as it stands (ie no DJ and current injuries), I’m saying there’s no place in the squad for :-

Williams / DJT - Personally I’d stay with DJT

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maher should go out on loan do him good i reckon.

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From MF’s comments today, looks like Riley is back in the frame. Wouldn’t be expecting him to start games for a while yet, but if he’s on the bench who else loses out?

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9 subs tomorrow ala Wilkinson at Carlisle

Yes, but this is a thread about Salford next Tuesday …

I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near the bench for next Tuesday. If MF is talking about involvement more than likely it’ll be tomorrow as we have 9 subs much like how wilko was.

Given the list of players the match day squad for me won’t vary much from :-

GK Owen (& a loan - Mahoney?)

CH Daniels, Monthe, White, McEntee

WB Gordon, Allen, Willmott, Knowles

CM Kinsella, Comley, Songo’o

AM Hutchinson, Maddox

FWD Matt, Wilkinson, Williams or DJT

Out : Kiernan, Perry, Mukuna, Low, Maher

Unavailable at present

INJ Riley, Earing, Labadie

If DJ comes back it’ll be at the expense of the Williams / DJT option……or……possibly Wilkinson because I genuinely think he’s miles off it.

If Riley is fit or when he’s fit……of course there’ll be injuries and niggles but assuming everyone available it’ll be at the expense of either Allen or Wilmott.

But I’m fully expecting an injury to make that decision easy

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Cup run over. Time to look forward and concentrate on a promotion challenge.

Interesting that we declared 1 short on the bench rather than name Kiernan or Mukuna.

No Kinsella for a month. Comley or Songo’o? :thinking:

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What would your line up be?
Do you go to 3 at the back or stay with 4231?
Comley or yann ? Yann all day for me without hardly even seeing him
I presume Matt will start

He was cup tied


We can go into this game with real confidence after the game today - did ourselves proud with that performance against a prem team and worked our nuts off. If we can limit leicester to that then they will know that they can do a job on salford.

Gutted i can’t make it on tues eve. Was all set to go, as i usually do, being a NW away game but the re-arranged date is my wife’s birthday so otherwise engaged!:roll_eyes::man_facepalming::smile:

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Why not take her as a special treat for her birthday?


Errm, let me know how I sell a cold night in Lower Kersal to her on her birthday, after a day at work?!!:joy:

Tbh, with the kids, in-laws and friends coming round, as well as me sorting the tea out for people, I think I’m already ‘booked up’ anyway! I could always have ifollow on in the background I guess. Tea at 6pm, cake at 6.45pm, T&C at 7, then kick everyone out at 7.30 so I have time to get the laptop hooked up to the tv!! I love it when a plan comes together…!:wink::sunglasses::laughing:

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A chance to spend time with her loving partner at (close to) Salford Quays with the lights setting a great mood.

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Ironically, we actually had our first date in Salford Quays and our wedding reception was in the glass octagon room upstairs in the Lowry Theatre!!

What made it even better, was her father (Liverpool season ticket holder) giving his father of the bride speech with the Manchester United neon sign atop Old Trafford directly behind him!!:joy::man_facepalming:


You don’t. You just don’t tell her until you are in the ground.

Remember, it is always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

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Of course.

At least he wasn’t Danny Johnson’d and left on the bench while a kid on loan was brought on instead.

Having lost Bennett, the defensive line is not so obvious. I think Monthe will come in for Low, although another possibility is that White moves to wing back and Low replaces him in the middle 3.

If not, then RWB is the awkward position. Knowles or Wilmott appear to be the two options with Riley still unfit.

Assuming Matt plays up front, do we have Williams, DJT, Knowles, or even no one alongside him?

And do we bring in Songo’o straightaway?

This is what I expect:
Wilmott White Daniels Monthe Gordon
Hutchinson Songo’o Maddox
Matt, Knowles

It could be Comley for Songo’o or Knowles at RWB and Williams up front,


I’d probably expect Low for White and then having the back three centered on Low and shifting Daniels to RCB, but yeah Comley for Songo’o would also make sense. Williams/Wilko/DJT being the obvious impact subs

I know it was Leicester and MF shook things up a bit to counteract them - especially Maddison (which worked!) - but same formation/starting XI tomorrow as Saturday? Despite what several sources claim, we were playing a back 4 not 3 + wingbacks, and only Williams up front on his own not a 2 (with Maddox??? What match were Sky and BBC watching?) Knowles popped up all over the pitch but he was predominantly left side linking up with Gordon (i.e. left wing instead of his usual(??) RWB, no. 10, or 2nd striker role). And Willmott was playing more as a winger than RWB so White was at RB not CH. Not sure if it was meant to be 451, 4411, or 4231 as wen we didn’t have the ball (75% of the time) we pulled back deeper so as not to allow them green grass behind us and flattened a bit.

My initial gut feeling would be to go back to our usual formation, but with the experience of several players filling in or performing new roles on Saturday, the loss of DJ but finally the availability of Matt and our other new signings, and looking ahead to a very busy schedule, a bit of mixing it up might be on the cards.

Monthe or Low? Got to go Monthe as he’s been immense all season not just 1 game (although a pretty good account given by the loanee).

Back 3 or 4? If we are going to be playing Willmott to supply crosses into Matt then it’s got to be a 4 to allow him to stay further forward. Also means someone playing left wing - so probably Knowles there again.

Would like to see Matt in a front 2 so either Williams or DJT to start alongside him then be switched at some point in the second half (until Wilkinson ready to start a game when he’d become 1st choice partner - presuming no DJ of course).

Leaves only 2 places in midfield - I’d go Maddox and Hutchinson as a pairing. Both can do the box to box stuff, breaking up play and also being creative. Comley only gives you half of that (admittedly better than either of these 2) and Songo’o is being sold as an enforcer to close out a game when we’re in front/holding on for a point rather than someone to help get us in that position to start with. Think that with the other players that can provide the defensive backbone, we can afford to be more attack minded in this department.

So my team would be:


White Daniels Monthe Gordon

Willmott Hutchinson Maddox Knowles

Matt DJT/Williams

And a bench of:

Smith, Wilkinson, Wiliams/DJT, Low, Songo’o, Allen, and either Comley or McEntee as the last sub (both double cover to what we already have on the bench)

Riley not quite ready, Maher away with Ireland U19s, Kinsella out, Kiernan and Perry likely to be shipped out, DJ either not coming back or not back in time to play in this game.