L 2-0 vs Mansfield Town (A) - League Two - Sat 15th Jan, 3pm

Thanks. Take some time with it :wink:

Or a plant, apparently.

Finding a banjo player is a tough ask for Fullerton, let alone one to hit a cows arse which would surely involve a six figure fee. :blush:

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How about a ‘boreage’ :joy:


Yes a goal by any means is what he needs , but still think it’s the system thats the problem

Has Pomletts son commented ye

Maybe the person on here who is mole in disguise could let us know what’s really happening at the club?

Taylor interview

How does the pitch effect the ball when it’s always in the air?

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Hold on, let me just stitch my sides back together after that absolute zinger.

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Wot? No hat?

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Were Kinsella and Wilkinson carrying knocks or not fit? Because not playing those 2 is criminal really.

Relegation scrap incoming, its an utter shitshow as I called months ago.
You can read this board like a book, they aim for mediocrity, get half way there (January) and think they’ve won the world cup.

It really is time now for a sea-change, and that has to be properly post Bonser and away from Bescot IMO. Harsh, horrible, but true and I think those down the Railway club offer the inkling of a way out that in 5 or 10 years will be better than where we’ll be in 5 or 10 years carrying on like we are. We’d have been massively better off going bust in any of the “Bonser saved us” scenarios as Wimbledon and Newport have demonstrated.


Got to say, I’ve been a big defender of Taylor, but his post match comments have pissed me off no end. “We didn’t get what we deserved” … f*** off, mate. We had to clear two off the line before they scored! They battered us first half.

Do not bullshit fans who had to stand there and watch that shite.

:joy: it was the only change, same questions and always in the same order can we at least switch them round next week? They don’t half get it easy whoever’s been today do you agree with him that they were lucky to beat us 2-0 because the stats suggest we got hammered so I’m just curious to see if anyone that went saw what Taylor saw?

Next game I’d play

White leak Mayo khan
Kinsella perry
Wilko earing kiernan

Drop those who aren’t performing if we can
White only starts cus mills is worse and we need kinsella cm
Ward oss and labadie are shite
Miller really needs a break so it can’t hurt to give a totally different player a chance. Can’t get much worse than millers form anyway

I think they interview tells you all about the state of the football club.

Amateur. No care or professionalism in the production of that clip.


He says we had chances to win the game and that 0-0 would have been fair, which sounds a bit strange to me.
Also, nice of him to say that the players were “obviously upset”. Over the years I’ve watched the likes of Stan Bennett, Roger Hynd, Derek Mountfield, Ada Viveash, Neil Pointon and many more like them (did someone mention Liam Kinsella?), and nobody needed to point out they were upset because it was feckin’ obvious just looking at them and how they played. But with this lot it needs to be mentioned, because otherwise we might not be sure.


Which of our players do people think care about the club and want to give their all for us?
Except kinsella not a single player seems bothered that their constantly losing and letting the club down.
Everyone’s just here for a quick payday as they couldn’t get better somehow and then they will be off again shortly. Taylor will only be the first

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You can add unfunny to weird troll in your list of traits.

Go you.