L 4-0 vs Aston Villa (H) - Wed 21st July, 7:30pm

Is that something you put in a drawer in the Kitchen


For fork sake, that was very cutting.

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I’ve emailed them today. No response as yet.

I’ve emailed the Supporter’s Liaison Officer, Graham Whittaker, and he is going to raise the issue with the club (hopefully).

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I asked him to sort out an issue that one of our disabled supporters asked about (putting subtitles on videos). Told to leave it with him. It’s nearly 6 months now

Oh dear. Are we expecting a fans forum with LP at any time?

Looks like we have tendered the deep clean out like the tory government.

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Subtitles would be nice, but probably that’s asking for too much.

Surely this was contracted out and you’d pay half if not nothing till the work Agreed and was passed off and checked , unless we was paying old Bryan up the road who is retired and told to give any seat a squirt with his state of the art K2 pressure washer (don’t forget your extra long extension lead


Why is the basic stuff so hard surely it’s not difficult to jet wash a load of plastic seats and press a subtitle button on a remote?

I regularly jet wash my drive and patio, and trust me, the amount of crap it leaves on my walls and fences is unreal, so i would guess that in washing the walkways and floors down down they have left the deposits on the seats.


Exactly what I thought, it would create a right mess.

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Got a response this morning saying it was cost prohibitive to add subtitles to videos. I am shocked.


Can be added for free on YouTube videos.


That’s mental.

I imagine it’s just incompetence - and also mildly discriminatory.

Rubbish from the club that. They have done a lot right, but that’s a joke.

(You can also add then easily in Premiere Pro for about 6 minutes work)


Pass it on to the DSA Rob. There has to be a case of discrimination there I would imagine. At least worth looking in to.

I am happy to do so if you don’t wish to.


It’s honestly unbelievable. Who responded Rob?

Well it came from the SLO, but he’s now emailed me further with a response from someone (who he’s not left the name in for) saying:

There is an option on our youtube channel to add subtitles (Click the round cog icon at the bottom of the video.

We did look into this and the software we use didn’t seem to allow subtitles, however we will revisit this again and see if we can find another solution

When I emailed in February to them, SLO said he’d forwarded it on to them

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Fair enough mate, I hadn’t seen in it in any of the meeting minutes (although I could have missed it to be fair) and the DSA are usually on the ball with things.

It does seem a very odd and lazy response from them.

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