Mansfield Away - Saturday 15th October

They announced it a few hours ago I’m afraid.

Ones for 1st and 5th were just the aborted strikes from September when the Queen passed and they suspended the action as “mark of respect.”

There are rumours that tomorrow they are going to announce that the clocks will not go back at the end of October so that this winter the afternoons and evenings will be lighter a bit longer (and mornings darker of course).

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I was going on the train probably drive now so a bit boring

Can’t see that happening as there would be a massive outcry about it putting kids at riak going to school in the dark.

… and besides which, just about all computer systems these days (and many smart appliances like mobile phones) have built in timezone correction that would be thrown out of step if there were any unscheduled changes to local daylight saving dates.

I was actually thinking the other day where’s @AndyWTaylor I haven’t seen him post much recently hope your ok mate :+1:t2:

I have posted the odd one now and again mate - just been steering clear of some of the negativity that appears to be going on in most threads. We’re on a bad run, and not been helped by run of the mill injuries and call-ups on top of the long term players out, but I think the squad of players we have this season can come good - Flynn just needs to find the right formula to get the best out of them and stick to it.

Even if I’m not posting though, you will still see me at every game.


Yes, I am not sure what is more depressing, recent results or the awful doom and gloom on various threads.

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Main thing is everything is ok mate. I’m sure the results will turn sooner rather than later.He hasn’t been helped by the injury situation and I think most posters can see that’s the case.I’ll personally be judging him when he has as full of a squad to choose from as he can have and I’m sure that winning formula won’t be a million miles away.

I know it’s the Franchise lot but…

Energy prices: MK Dons saving money by ‘turning it off’ Energy prices: MK Dons saving money by 'turning it off' - BBC News

I used to spend far too much time on here but it’s so depressing to read now I have a record 135 unread threads.

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Wonder why people are a bit negative :joy: wonder if it’s got anything to do with being completely shit.

what a shame that some of the people who were rubbishing any constructive criticism in the summer choose not to post now. For totally noble reasons of course, and not because they were being snobby about realistic points of view.

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You must have led a very privileged life if you get depressed by reading a fourth division football team forum.

It’s only a bit of chat

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Do we reckon it could be a future prospect over the coming years for all games through the winter months to have a kick off time of 1pm? Or is it just because of the current climate?

From what I’ve seen most people are still willing to give Flynn a chance so it’s pretty tame compared to what was being dished out at likes of Whitney and Bakayoko 4-5 years ago on here and at games.

And that was with team mid table in league 1.

Have to say only thread that got me voluntarily withdrawing from on here was the covid one about 18 months ago so no football thread as depressing as that one at least.

They will be cancelling night matches next

They can give me some money back for my ST if they change to 1pm kick offs. Impossible for me to make.


Remember going to a 3rd Rd FA Cup replay in 1971 played in the afternoon because of power cuts (presumably no lectures to go to?) when Rochdale knocked out Coventry. Cracking game, Always had a soft spot for Rochdale since.
Bizarrely just looked it up & to my surprise was on my birthday - a rare treat obviously

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Why are Mansfield playing hartlepools on a Friday night if they want to save on electricity?