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Martin may be on his way?


Anyone would think Adam Chambers is on 50k a week.


Probably more like £3k or £4k a week - still not bad for kicking a football (something he hasn’t done for nearly 4 months incidentally). Yes he’s been a good servant but he’s benefitted from having stability over the last 7 years too. Good luck to Adam, I hope he stays in a coaching role…but he should never have been offered a 2-year contract at 36.


What went wrong? Is it an attitude problem or does he lack confidence? He was very inconsistent last season: early on he was totally ineffective but around late October till he left he was one of our best players. He needs to have a long, hard look at how to get the best out of his talents - he’s going to end up in the Conference at this rate.


Of course he wasn’t on silly money, who is at Suffolk Life FC !!! But as saddlertd points out on decent money for kicking a balloon! Not that he’s done much kicking of late! As I said before I think he’s very fortunate to be still here, I have no gripes with Chambers and has been a model pro, but I don’t also get gushy wide eyed and sentimental over footballers!,:heart:


No one else slightly concerned that potentially we have 2 players, signed recently and of decent pedigree, on their way out already??


Not really,I think,going by the games he’s played in,he’s a bit of a luxury for us.


Yes. But at the same time, you could also put a positive spin on it and say at least he’s clearing out players who aren’t performing as we had hoped and/or don’t fit into our style of play.


True, but what style is that now? Despite assertions elsewhere that we have a style of play, I can’t see anything other than hoof to Cook or Ferrier and hope it sticks.


It’s more direct but to call it hit and hope is a bit unfair. We’ve clearly tried to use a target man, and have pacy wingers running off him all season. t worked to begin with.

It doesn’t have to be tippy tappy to be a style of play.


I’m not the person to be defending his style of play :wink: But I would defend him getting rid of players who aren’t doing the business, especially if they cause problems with team dynamics. I’d compliment him for doing that.


Fully agree, however having to get rid of players after a few months because they don’t fit shows something really isn’t right, like doing due diligence on scouting etc. Remember Smith and the ‘no nobhead’ policy? Can’t argue he was more experienced than Keates before implementing that.


I thought that was a Whitney policy?


Comparing keates to Smith isn’t really going to work though. Smith was and is exceptional as a manager. If he has a bit of luck, he’ll become an established lower premier League manager. Keates doesn’t have that potential. But yes, due diligence is a vital part of the modern game. Smith had it spot on. Whitney tried it but his big failing is that he can only work with his sort of player. Is keates doing it? I’m guessing so and mistakes can be made. I’d rather he sort them out quickly and learn than persevere with someone who isn’t working out.


So when did you know in the first 3 years of Smith’s reign that he was going to be a brilliant manager?

I think there’s a bit of nostalgia and biased hindsight going on here.


I admired his willingness to continue playing football even when times got tough and I certainly admired the blueprint he had for the club so,yes, perhaps you’re right about some element of nostalgia but I can honestly say I was always supportive of him and wasn’t one of those on his back when we went through long winless spells. Of course he wasn’t an exceptional manager from day one but I always felt he had some potential and I think he’s learned really well along the way. His best quality without a doubt, and one required by any good modern day manager, is being able to manage different types of characters in the right way. That’s evidenced by the players he got playing well and who moved on but failed to perform.

So, yes, you make a valid point but I’ll still stick with saying I won’t compare keates with him because that would be unfair, and I’ll give keates some credit if he’s moving players out of the club nice and quickly if it hasn’t worked out.


Smith got it right eventually: we had a defined style of play: 4-2-3-1 with a number 10 in the hole, 2 quick wide men and a loan striker, and playing out from the back. But, early on there was too much tippy-tippy, crappy, passing-for-the-sake-of-it football. We were lucky to see us have more than 3 shots on goal per match. In his final season, we finally had the players to make the system work effectively. The 5-0 demolition of Blackpool away was the perfect example of how to play Smith’s system.

As for Keates, we have played some decent football this season - it’s not been kick and run. It’s been a bit reminiscent of the football under Graydon- we weren’t afraid to go long under Graydon with Rammell and then Don Goodman as target men. If only the present team could defend like Graydon’s!


That’s a bit harsh. Don’t think one person thought Smith had that potential after six months. Even after 4 years.


I note in the express and star match preview that Joe Masi has Guthrie and Fitz as centre backs and Martin is not included in subs.


There’s a lot of confusion about the squad.

I don’t think fitzwater is around - yet.

I think Martin has gone, but might be called back in the squad for ‘one more game’ due to lack of numbers.


Agree , Smith delivered what 5 months of good football and left.