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Martin may be on his way?


We were playing good football the season before. Particularly compared to what he inherited.


Think that’s harsh. The Paterson/Grigg/Brandy team in 2012/13 (i think) produced some brilliant football. Wasn’t that when we saw the best of Cuvelier too?


Cuvelier was quality that season, as was super Craig Westcarr


Recall this being the team that beat Coventry 4-0 playing some brilliant stuff. Early sign of things to come.


Cracking game that was.


Nads to that. Just play Connor Johnson from the start.

In fact, play him come what may.



He was getting plaudits from people in the game almost from day 1 for his style of play, a style which didn’t always produce the end result as it relied on being executed by league 1 players on poorly paid contracts. He built a reputation and a footprint over the period he was here, despite losing most of the good players he recruited, which is why he is where he is now. Sadly his legacy was destroyed in months.


My initial reply was basically backing up that you can’t compare Keates to Smith at this moment in time.

How do we know Keates doesn’t have the same potential , like I pointed out it took smith years to build that team. And let’s not be blinkered here there was some crap served up in between as well as good.


The one thing that set Smith above those who followed him is that he had a philosophy he believed in.

Ok, so there were blips along the way, but he knew what he wanted his teams identity to be and seemed to have an idea of how to get there.

Neither Whitless or Keates have a clue what they’re doing next week let alone next season.


As it stands, Fitzwater and Martin are still our players and available for selection for tomorrow? I noticed that Joe Masi has also tried to find an answer from the club on this to only be met with a wall of silence.


That doesn’t sound good. Surely they would want to tell him and get the news out.


Good old Joe. Can’t he be slightly innovative and get in touch with RM and JF directly?


Yep. If there is no issue then the club would just say so.


As I understand - Fitzwater isn’t our player, and Martin has gone BUT might play tomorrow given the Fitzwater situation as a favour of sorts.

Isn’t the clubs communication fantastic?


Great performance that day it was a shame Grigg got injured shortly after that and we run out of steam and drew a lot of games from there on


Isn’t everything fantastic though?

So now we are at the stage where we have to phone round to see who is available :rofl:

Like a pub team


so much for strengthening in january :frowning_face:


If Martin has gone, we’ve strengthened some would have you believe!


Baxendale was amazing that day. Nearly came close to hitting those heights.

It was a very fun period, every game felt winnable. The 3-1 win at home to Bournemouth was another highlight and they got promoted that season (and then to prem two years later).

Went up to watch Walsall at Preston and it was a 1-3 masterclass.


Bit of a shambles tbh, Martin is going to be even less motivated now he’s being shown the door and his motivated level obviously hasn’t been great.

The Fitzwater thing is all very odd. Specifically told he was just being recalled to play in the FA cup game (he was unused sub) and he’d be back as soon as that was over.

Like others I’d just play Johnson, he did well enough against Sunderland and all their quality.