New contract for Donervon Daniels

When he’s organising the defence and giving instructions to players around hiim, do you think they respond with “eye, eye Captain”?

I’ll get my coat!:confounded:

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Should the title of this thread be changed to “New contact for Donervon Daniels”? :wink:


Slightly off topic … - a site for sore eyes !

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I think we are looky to have him as our captain.
Wish he would score more goals from corneas though.

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Just glad we offered the new cataract

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He deserves it. Not like we’re doing him a fovea.

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Think that was blinking obvious

This thread lens itself to serious puns … but seriously, I’ll only be concerned if he starts misjudging his headers from opposing goalkeepers clearances, depending on what his actual eye prescription is

rumour has it that we’re getting Dolland to play alongside Hutchinson in midfield, but I might have read it wrong…

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When’s Colin Lee coming back?


I know there’s one in Lichfield but is this a niche opticians reference? This might blindside a few…

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What’s this thread title again…

New contacts for Donervon Daniels … :eyes:

I got it and I live in NZ. Maybe because you framed it well.

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A cracking piece in the E&S today from Daniels emphasising how good our team spirit is and how much it has been worked on through the summer. He also warns we may well encounter tougher moments than we encountered on Saturday but that the excellent spirit will help us through those moments.

Top bloke


That article could have been from anytime in the last 5 years.


Daniels only came here in 2022

Headline makes it sound worse than it is. Something a player says when they’re bottom of the league fighting for their lives but trying to make a point that they’re all in it together.

Truth is, all he said was that they aren’t going to cast Gordon or Knowles aside and quickly move onto the next game, as it should be.


Really interesting interview with DD!


Such a good insightful interview, and really good to hear him speak.

I like how considered he is with what he says and almost trying hard to not get caught in a soundbite… Although I think she was friendly forces.

Nice seeing the lads training in the clips and his talk of a club family, together atmosphere that he hadn’t had as good elsewhere.

He is quite inspirational (at the level you would expect of a captain) and I think the element of players wanting more but understanding they need to sacrifice and learn speaks to the nature of the club.

Thought it was interesting how he feels his role as a captain is to defend the younger players as was done for him when he was young was good. Thats a bit part of leadership and management. And on a wider point its interesting watching the warm ups, he coaches the lads before and during the game. He kept their heads up during the Stockport game really well and pushed them up when they could of crumbled.

One of if not thee signing of the summer.