New DoF - Jamie Fullarton

We can only judge on what he does at walsall, he may well be more suited to his technical director job than a manager’s role.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t look too much at his managerial experience as an indicator about potential success in this role.

One of the best in the business is Stuart Webber at Norwich, who has no footballing or managerial experience and worked his way up from youth coaching at Wrexham before taking roles at Premier League clubs. It’s a similar pathway to Fullarton, except our guy also had a pretty decent playing career and has had a couple of Manager roles.

The fact he was ‘Head of Emerging Talent’ at Palace should mean he has a good handle on what a successful football structure should look like and also what players are available and required.

We shall see though!


I posted some comments from the Halifax forum on here and I share your concerns but we can’t judge him based on his history,there are plenty of people involved in football who struggle at clubs in their careers and then end up somewhere and it just clicks let’s just hope that’s the case.Our first indication will be the summer transfers we bring in I can’t see much changing between now and the end of the season.


You have to laugh at some of the things you read on the internet. Taken from Vaval?! don’t ask me it just came up in doing a bit of digging, with ref to our DoF. In part it reads:

A very short spell at Bolton Wanderers was followed by a return to Dundee United under Alex Smith. At Tannadice, Fullarton suffered a dislocation and double break of the ankle, forcing his foot to be amputated.

The injury eventually ended his time at Dundee, before joining Brentford and Southend United. At the Shrimpers was where he suffered another injury, with his knee requiring total reconstruction.

His career ended in Singapore, with Woodlands Wellington, where had to retired due to the injured picked up.

So it wasn’t having his foot amputated that caused him to retire, he carried on without it, it must have been a cheaply made knee that caused his demise in the football playing world, poor chap (or at least didn’t help with the ‘injured picked up’)

Anyway, looking forward to a busy summer of activity to see what he brings to the table, hopefully better times ahead…


I was crying so much due to laughter, I couldn’t read it out to my husband. Thanks for that, really cheered me up.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Link if anyone interested:


Still think it’s brilliant what he achieved with only one foot … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Typical Walsall, saving on boots…


I’m trying to come up with an amputee joke, but I’m stumped.


Don’t think it’s a laughing matter.
And secondly don’t think it’s true.
Shame on you lot.

Club doctor Derek McCormack has revealed that Fullarton’s sickening injury against Kilmarno

ck was so serious that amputation would have been needed if emergency treatment had not been taken while the stricken player lay on the Tannadice pitch.

Fullarton is recovering in hospital from the fractured and dislocated ankle that has ended his season, but the United medics’ actions have probably saved the 25-year-old midfielder’s career.

Doctor McCormack revealed that Fullarton’s foot turned blue as he was being treated following a tackle with Kilmarnock’s James Fowler, indicating that the blood supply to his foot had been cut off.

The severe twist that turned his ankle through 90 degrees meant McCormack, physiotherapist David Rankine and the team of paramedics had to perform emergency treatment on the pitch rather than wait until Fullarton reached hospital.

Fullarton’s screams could be heard around the Tannadice ground as he was treated for almost 10 minutes on the pitch, but Doctor McCormack explained:

"The ankle had fractured and come out of the joint. It had also rotated, which in itself is a serious injury. While I was assessing Jamie, his foot turned blue, which indicated the blood supply was compromised which is a very serious complication.

"Strong painkillers were given by the paramedics and I had to try and manipulate the fracture there and then in an attempt to restore the blood supply.

"If it had not been restored, he could have lost his foot within minutes. It is a situation I have done in hospital accident and emergency many times but never on a football pitch in ten years as a doctor.

“It was a very painful procedure. It is not like Jamie was under general anesthetic as he would be in hospital, but it was very essential. I don’t think Jamie was aware, though, of what we were doing.”

Doctor McCormack does not expect to see Fullarton playing a gain this season.

“It will be a long rehabilitation process, the rest of the season, but hopefully he will make a good recovery.”

To read Fullerton out for season, click here.

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Yeah well you can foot off then …

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You just had to do that or you’d be cutting your nose off to spite your face

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It is a little concerning if the character assessment is correct. Surely LP would have seen those flaws during his interview(s) with Fullerton. I doubt he would have hired someone who doesn’t getting along with anybody.
I will judge him with his off-season activities, his ability to work with the new manager and the quality of the players he bring in, or doesn’t.
We really need to step up to the plate this off-season.

What really, really concerns me is the recruitment process.

I hope this was outsourced with a professional outfit, because I can think of nothing worse than relying on the gut feel of Mole or Gamble, who have no ■■■■■■■ idea about this area of expertise.

I seriously hope JF’s appointment was professional. If not, it’s just another sad reactionary result of fan pressure on incompetent management. And we know how well that’s worked over the last thirty years.


I believe interviews were LP and SG. Not sure if DM played a part too.

Again flawed based on LP admitting he’s not a Football man.

Heard they had help from Steve Burr with the recruitment of Fullarton.

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I agree with you, Exile.
It’s about time we became a professional football club, we’ve done a lot of amateurish things in my lifetime.
The jury is out on Fullerton, he hasn’t said a word since being installed as DoF. This summer will show us what he’s all about.

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​Full effect of his dealings will be seen after 2-3 transfer windows. Personally I don’t expect miracles in the first transfer window, but some outlines of the future working process. And nothing more.