Newport County (H) Wed 24th Feb, 5:30pm

Could put loads past him still, however.

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We’ve had worse I reckon

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I reckon we will lose this 1-0, can’t see us scoring but can’t see us not conceding, backs to the wall for pretty much the whole game again, another 90 minutes of our lives we won’t get back

Just hope there’s nothing too drastic changed, obviously the enforced change and I wouldn’t complain at Osedebe dropping out but other than that keep it simple.

Have you thought of becoming a Football Manager?

A standard and organised 442…nice balance with natural width…players in their correct positions…everyone knows their job…10 out of the 11 players contracted rather than helping others Clubs Players to get “game time”.

Unfortunately I don’t think you have any chance of progressing in the game, unless you see “each game as a project” and buy yourself a couple of hats to pick the team and formation out of😂

There was no point bringing them in - and I’d personally send them all back.

Wasn’t he so so poor last match can’t believe the Shepherds Crook wasn’t produced from the dugout until the 86th minute I’d have took him off at half time the lad offers Nada Zip Nowt to a game of football.

I was quite shocked that McDonald was the one to make way, didn’t have a great game himself in fairness but Osedebe … one of the worst performances of the season. Not only did he do nothing, when he happened to get the ball he gave it away.

Agree about Osadebe (another player from Newport). I feel he must have some ability - he was on Spurs’ books once - and he has shown glimmers but he really did have a terrible game on Saturday, particularly in the first half. I feel that with the right sort of manager, he could do something but we haven’t seen it yet.

Doing what popping to the library for the proper players?

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Both Grimsby and Barrow winning tonight is a worry given our next 4 games!
I’d happily take another point against Newport.

Have to get a win here or at least play better than the last 2 games,if no improvement is made then we seriously need to start looking over our shoulder at a relegation battle

Both teams with one win in the last six both form wise equally matched so I might take a gamble here go out on a limb and say a 1-1 draw we’re due a draw :thinking:


Not going to be a classic is it? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll be bold and say we will win2 - 1

Another quote of the season!
I won a miserable £35 for the Stevenage result, but sticking another lump on a similar result tonight.
We must get points on the board, as someone else above mentioned, we may have to start looking over our shoulder, the middle of our Division is separated by only a small number of points, and our goal difference, as always, is awful, and many of the lower half teams are improving substantially.

Agree mate I feel Brian needs a win sooner rather than later I’m not saying anything bad about the bloke but when It starts coming to 5-6 games into his reign and he’s still not registered one we could be on very shaky ground.The pressure starts to mount then and he’ll be possibly trying too hard to get one and getting done 2-0 with both their goals coming on the break after us having countless attacks it happens doesn’t it.He’s inexperienced and any learning curve will help him in the future but I’d rather that learning curve happen when we are safe and not involved in a dogfight to save our lives in the football league.His learning process cannot end in us going down it’s not worth it for a bit of experience.

It will be interesting to see how he sets up the midfield tonight…err this afternoon…That is the key issue for me.
I also want to see the end of the ‘each game is a project’ mentality - hopefully that now resides at Vale Park. Too often the team was selected and set up to nullify the opposition, not seemingly to win games (which probably why we have drawn so many). Only fleetingly have we gone out to let the other team worry about us.
Let’s have a settled team and a settled system and put the madness of selection and gambling on formations to bed.

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Personally I rated him. I thought if he had a good run of games he’d do well, I imagine a manager who gives them confidence instead of one that likes to slate you post match for any mistake would have probably helped him too.


Half 5 is a bit random, what’s the reason.

Usuually a bore draw v these and can’t see much changing as they’ve lost a bit of form in last few weeks and don’t score many anyway.

On the flip side…tried that out in 18/19.