Newport County (H) Wed 24th Feb, 5:30pm

Think it’s something to do with the local Newport rascals being on tag and having a 5.15pm curfew.

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Yes, that was my point. If he is a better player, it will not be because he has changed as a player but due to his environment.

Newport are currently in poor form. They scraped a draw at home against Exeter recently, despite Exeter having a player sent off after 8 mins and another on 45 mins.
They followed this up with a home defeat against FGR.
3-0 win tonight for The Saddlers.

Someone posted that it was to give the Newport players a chance to get back at a reasonable time, and to give both teams a bit more time to recover for saturday? but i can’t see a couple of hours being any great asset to be honest?

Me neither as long as we don’t have out Turkey Drummers chips and beans before kickoff we’ll be fine.

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In the 60s the whole squad went to the Longhorn ( on a evening game ) and enjoyed a decent steak and chips before the game.

Win tonight and we’re 4pts off Newport, who are 8th - lose and it’s a 10pt gap and an early goodbye to this ‘meh’ season. If we don’t go for it then we know exactly what is expected in the final 17 games, and I won’t be paying £170 to watch it :smiley:

@Belphegor comments like this are what I come on this forum for. Supporting Walsall is like a Viz comic sometimes and I love the satire and gallows humour.

If the cartoonists of Billy the Fish ever did a book on Walsall, I’d pay a lot of money for it!

I can just imagine Darrell Clarke in a sheepskin jacket full of Robbie Williams CDs with a face set in a permanent grimace like he’s taking a drag on a cigarette whilst staring directly into the sun. Tom Pope with his arm in plaster hiding a spanner in a boxing glove for corner kicks and Sinclair sat by the corner flag fishing like a garden gnome…

It gets me through these grey, grey days… it really does! :clap:t2:


Roberts; White, Scarr, Sadler, Melbourne; Norman, Bates, Vincent, Osadebe, Gordon, Lavery

Substitutes: Rose; Leak, Perry, Sinclair, McDonald, Osei Yaw, Reid

At least they should be ■■■■ scared of Norman Bates

Wes McDonald dropped/ rested.

Not much from an attacking point to get to excited about.

Pulled a muscle doing all them stepovers.

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So Flash for Wes and Alfie stepping in for the suspended Kinsella.

Perry on the bench but still no sign of Wright - or of Holden who was supposed to be coming back by the end of the month …

Plus of course the continued absence of Clarke and Sinclair.

Sinclair is on the bench.

A win would be nice here it’s much needed will settle the new manager and the fans a little if we can get all 3 at home this evening


Need my glasses cleaning …

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I wonder how he’s going to set that up? Osadebe owes us a performance tonight. He wouldn’t have been my pick.

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Not bad.:wink:Only difference Osadebe for Wes, so slightly worse than you predicted.

Hmmmm I’m concerned again. Let’s see what happens but hmm.