Osadebe new deal


Great news.

Benefitted massively from some proper game time under Dutton. Worth another year anyway, I’m assuming he isn’t a high earner

Remarkable considering he looked like someone who had won a competition 6 months ago :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good news I feel

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Interesting that they have continued Clarke’s policy of not releasing contract dates.

Improved a lot.

If he keeps this up then happy he’s staying.

Hope it’s not just been a bit of effort to win a contract (also known as doing a Fitzroy Simpson).


6 weeks of decent form is enough to earn a contract at Walsall FC it seems.

Nothing against him, but new contract not deserved yet in my opinion.


Not done enough in my eyes, should have been moved on.

Still only 24 and improving. Worth another year at the least for me. If we can get someone better in the summer then great, he’s solid back up and competition which we’ll need.

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Jesus Christ !

Dunno if I can handle another season of him :joy:

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If there was any doubt that’s just confirmed Dutton here next season.

Up to 6 weeks ago I would have said no way but there has been some improvement in the last 10 games.I hope that continues and he doesn’t go backwards. Clearly the club think he can improve further and I hope so too.


Sorry but we are showing zero ambition, he couldn’t kick the ball to a team mate for 5 months.

OMG all we need now is for Derek to be given another 2 years :grin:


Pleased with this. Only concern is all the empty shelves there will be at Aldi, as we continue to dip into there potential employee pool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nice to see we ain’t ■■■■■■■ around and losing people let’s sign the better lads up and sign some decent ones and away we go.He’s certainly got much better so this for me is a good sign.

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100 times more impressed by this.

What happens if the New DOF say’s he doesn’t rate these player’s

VERY pleased with that, we need to get Holden Bates and Leak on long term contracts now and build for the future.