PA Announcer. Half Time Compere

Drums and bands at football are wrong. :arrow_right:period.


Be interesting to see what would happen to a drum/drummer at 3-0 down before half time…

Bang bang bang bang, all the lads and lasses… inserts drumsticks into drummers jackson, sideways.


I’m absolutely with you on “forced jollity”.

And I’m positively rebellious when I’ve paid for a ticket to be entertained and for some reason those I’m paying want me to entertain them.

Go to a gig and the singer goes “I really wanna see those hands in the air”

I’m like “is that right? Well pay me forty quid, we’ll swap places and I’ll wave me arms around a bit for you”.

And don’t hold your mic at me on the choruses. I’ve come to listen to you sing not listen to me murdering your songs like I’m in the bath and I’ve especially not paid to have the bloke behind me murder your songs and spit whilst he does so.

And so with that grumpiness in mind, yesterdays attempt to gee me up didn’t go down too well. Like I needed a half time team talk. Jesus.


*Just noticed the flaw in my suggestion, but you get my drift.

Course but we’ve been 3-0 up in the past and you can hear a pin drop, yesterday deserved nowt I went at half time couldn’t be arsed. Only fairly noisy home crowd this season has been against Wrexham.

We are fantastic away from home though, always have been & we certainly aren’t the only club to have a shit home atmosphere.

Big away followings generally help with the atmosphere.

I agree about Mansfield, but having a section right by the away fans also helps generate an atmosphere, plus despite their failure to get promoted they are a club that appears to have the ambition and will get there eventually.

We will always struggle to generate an atmosphere in bog standard League 2 games where the away team bring a 100 fans.

I’ve got some sympathy with Simon, he’s a top bloke and he’s got the club in his DNA as Little Mix once famously sung.

He gets the crowd whipped up into a frenzy, when he does the ‘Ale, ale, ale-o…’ the roof almost comes off, problem is as soon as he’s done his bit then it goes absolutely flat.


Allez not ale


Whatever Bathurst demands to return, pay it.

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Wot, with his ‘alleged’ half-times scores?


There must be people on here who know Bathurst and Stafflers. Bring them back. The pair of them.

I actually don’t mind a PA getting the crowd going and singing the first words to a song to get the crowd singing because I do feel some games there isn’t much of an atmosphere.But there is also a thing called “reading the room” and yesterday really wasn’t the time to start a song off after the first half we’d just endured.


Is it a Yank thing.

I like him nice guy walsall fan , more happy than most fans because he probably gets paid to watch the footy
Does e-sports and the club need to do more for the younger fans
Good lad


Yank was nearly right :wink:

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Showing off because the yanks were there im guessing

It does work, he does get the crowd singing, but yesterday he was on a hiding to nothing with that first half performance.

Like the guy who stands in front of the lower sometimes singing … " Red army, red army …" It does work and they do get people singing, but as many of said you need to read the room for it to work.

I do wish we could generate a better atmosphere at home as It’s so much more enjoyable, and it 100% lifts the players.


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Except for that bit … :rage: :rage: :joy:


He’s got a job to do, and he has to plug the sponsors I suppose :roll_eyes:

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