Player Of The Season 23/24

Which is what I just said :+1:

Exactly. We are all fans, nobody has anymore “knowledge” than anyone else when they are watching a football match.

Yours wouldn’t be Isaac by any chance would it :grin:

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No its Liam Bennet :rofl:

But yes my appreciation of a type of player or his skillset lends itself to that being my favoured type.

That doesnt mean I don’t have an appreciation of other types……it’s just that thats the type of player I enjoy watching and admire.

I mean without opening another can of worms that’s patently untrue.

That’s not saying anyone’s opinion is less valid but some clearly have more knowledge than others that’s just true of anything.

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Please dont open another can of worms.

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It’s what’s known as an essay-athon, we should have sponsored them :grinning:

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You’d struggle to term anything I’ve written there an “essay” :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Oh I don’t know, I might be tempted to open another:

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Mantom playing for rushall at 30 but he was twice the player of earing so that doesn’t always work out
Holden was riddled with injuries

He also had a purple patch of about 5 months, while his entire first season was absolutely dire, pre-injury. That’s where Hutchinson really has the upper hand in that comparison. Even Hutchinson’s fiercest critics couldn’t say he has been consistently dire at any stage with a straight face

He’s only 30 so how good is he when he’s playing for a part time team in non league?

Those stats are blx. Hutchinson has had plenty of 3/10s as well as 9/10s. Alongside all the others. Liam was never Motm by a long chalk. Probably exhausted now and leaving even more chances of crosses. All an opinion like anyone else. Takes a corner and Messi if it goes in for an assist

I think that’s harsh. It was a great run for the corner, that eventually ended up a goal and he did that numerous times. I think he got beat outright once, show me a full back that doesn’t. His defensive stats overall and discipline are very good.

I could have also seen it being given to Taylor Allen or Adegboyega though to be fair. At a push probably the latter for me.

[quote=“AndyWTaylor, post:137, topic:11294”]
Is this a private lovers’ tiff or can anyone join in?

Unreasonable behaviour .grounds for divorce
Ps now your a third party :wink::joy:

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Emmanuel Adegboyega is getting my vote for player of the season. Came into the team on the slidish, won his first 5, overall hes won 6 drew 2 lost 2. Bar the 5-0 our defence has been solid with him in it. Scored 3, assisted a couple- im sure one you fine people will have a more accurate stat that that. Dont think hes made to many mistakes if any.

I broke my rule of not writing more than 4 lines, i do apologise.


I can see why you have that rule to be fair.

Would have got my vote for young player if he’d been playing longer that’s the only reason i haven’t voted for him


I said Hutch previously, but am starting to lean towards Comley and Allen as strong contenders too.

It’s been a funny season with various players having good periods at different points.