Prediction League 2: 2020-21 Table

Updated table after the last two evenings’ games. And what a woeful set of results it was for the prediction league!! More big fat blobs than the Saddlers have had in their goals for column each game this season - it seems the inability to score has infected fans as well!!

The winning score was just 2 points (for only the third time this season), achieved by DonningtonSaddler, chunkster, 1933, cookyskid, RedandWhite, Jayelar, stig231 and Belphegor - well done to you all!

Games for this Friday eve and Saturday are already up and running. We then have a good number of p-p games on the Tues (13th) so I may do a table again on the Sat or leave it till after the Tues games, we’ll see how time and commitments go.


I may have to change tack and start going from 0-0 to 1-1 :grin:

Updated table after last week and what a difference a game week can make!
Very good scoring yesterday with lots of 3s and 4s but the winning score was 5 points, achieved by Shrewsbury_Saddler - well done!

I won’t put up the thread for next weekend’s games until the kick off times are confirmed but in the meantime, there are 4 p-p games to be played on Tuesday evening so depending on the points scored in those, I may do another updated table after that, otherwise it will be the weekend.


Those p-p might be interesting!