Prediction League 2: 2020-21 Table

Don’t worry Chunky. As you can see from the table none of us have anything to fear.

He is the personification of “the mouse that roared”.

:grinning: :wink:


We can’t hear from way up here, mate.

:rofl: :wink:

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Crikey, early doors nose bleed time.

Updated table after today’s games. Some good scoring and a lot of 3 and 4 pointers but the winning score was 5 points achieved by Morty - well done!

Loads of movement in the table again and some big leaps towards the top so I think it could be a very big, very close title race this season!!

Don’t forget there are games on Tuesday evening and then next Saturday again. Both threads are up and running.


I can’t believe how much pressure you feel under to keep predicting correct scores when you are up the top :rofl: i would much rather be lurking about 5th :sweat_smile:

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I’m sure you’ll be feeling much less stressed after Tuesday.


Please check my points after your update tonight. I predicted Harrogate to win 1-0 and Bradford to win so should have 3 points added and not 2. Ta

See my reply above, this was meant to reply to you JJ

Apologies if I made a mistake again. I was half keeping an eye on what was happening at orient whilst doing it all. I will add the extra point after Tues eve games.

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You’ve given Chunkster 14 points too many also.


we all thank you for your efforts mate :+1:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :flushed:

5 points, weekly win and top half of the table!! :smiley:

Slow start but heading the right way now!!

I shall be a gracious winner and not make fun of @matt_saddlesore being right near the bottom! :wink:


Well done Morty - a good haul indeed.

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It would be unfair to mention it was more points in a week than someone has managed all season, so I won’t.


Well done mate in what was a difficult week to predict :+1:

To be fair it was more points than I’d managed in the first 5 weeks combined, but you’re right…stating that would be really unkind! :wink:


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, crumbled like a soggy digestive that’s been over-dunked in a cup of tea in the last month of the season :cry:

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