Prediction League 2: 2023-24 - Intro & Table

It’s okay, i didn’t scroll through them myself either! It was easily and quickly found to answer the query - otherwise i would have done!

Thanks for that jolly

Updated table after the Monday and Tuesday games. Scoring was a bit hit and miss, mainly thanks to Crewe getting a thumping at home to FGR. But, the winning score was still an excellent 5 points, achieved by JoaquinErnesto - well done!

There was one p-p game at Mansfield so all the asterisks have been added to those predictors - let’s hope all this rain stops soon!:man_facepalming:

The thread for Saturday is up and running so get your predictions in. We then have a number of p-p games on Tues 9th, which will add a few points and change the table a bit.
Although there are quite a lot of games that night, with them being re-arrangements and p-p games, it doesn’t count as another game week.#

Oh yeah!
Only ten points to make up over the final 5 weekly rounds, for the top spot, c’mon!

Updated table after yesterday’s games. Some unexpected results scuppered a few (:man_facepalming:) but the winning score was still a decent 4 points, achieved by DonningtonSaddler, ButtsSaddler and Catkearns - well done to all of you! One secured their first weekly win, while another got their 9th!! A crazy prediction league as ever!

There are some p-p games being played in Tuesday night but I will leave adding any points from these games until I do the table after next weekend’s games. That thread is up and running now.


Crewe’s form has been better than mine in the last month :joy: