Released Players/Free Agents


I agree - if its a complete rebuild that’s underway then Clarke will need to be a fast worker otherwise we’ll end up doing the usual and scrabbling round a week before the first game trying to put together a squad!

Lets hope he’s got the resources to do it quickly and effectively



So we weren’t in for Lines.

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I think the key signings, (among the many that we will undoubtedly make), will be to recruit a goal scoring creative midfielder. Someone that can pass, but also get beyond the forwards and chip in with goals. I don’t see any of our current lot having that in them, apart from maybe Alfie Bates. Brad Inman is available (again), I’ll ask his mother if he likes pork scratchings next time I see her! Would take him in the fourth division, and I know that his main priority is being somewhere where he gets regular football. Also, we need a wide player with some pace AND end product. Ishmel on his day should tear up the fourth division, but I just don’t trust him anymore, can’t see him ever developing a winning mentality. Very long shot, and almost certainly out of our price range but Cal Roberts has just been released by Newcastle. What a player he could be at our level. Really don’t know why he didn’t get games for Col U when on loan last season. He’s left footed but usually plays on the right wing, very good finisher and loads of pace, at 22 needs to be playing football somewhere!!



I always think that wide players are ten a penny in the lower leagues. The majority of them have the same sort of ability, it’s just the consistency that really sets them apart. You just never know what you are going to get unless you go for someone who is proven. That’s what’s so frustrating with players like Zeli, Lalkovic etc

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Paul mcshane released by reading nearly 34 now but a good defender and a leader which is what we need.



Mcshane is a very good shout… experience could help develop scarr

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Loved him in Lovejoy :wink::laughing:



Now he’s the antique. As long as we don’t sign Tinker.



Yeah, Tinker’s dead! Would still probably contribute more than Ismail did last season though.



I would imagine Chris Lines came across every League Two desk going. Solid Pro, played at both levels, not many L2 sides wouldnt be interested.

They obviously offered him a good package.



You mean a real living wage that actually included money!
Uuurgghh, taboo subject down at the Bescot, uncle Jeff’s still trying to get over learning what his Board (haha) offered DC to take on the poison chalice! He had to rest in a darkened room for two days!

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Josh Morris released by Scunthorpe! I’m presuming he’s on a very big wage though and will be heading to a league one, or higher, club.

Interesting to note that, with those they’ve taken up options with, it seems Scunthorpe already have 27 players contracted for next season, despite their dismal showing in the league. So which will end up being the better strategy - their idea of keeping stability and trusting they’ll be better next season, or our idea to clear the decks and build again?



Would rather have Jonny Morris.

Josh destroyed us a couple of seasons ago (hat-trick if I recall correctly) but his last goal for Scunthorpe blotted his copybook for me…



Andy Butler may have put some sort of leaving message on Twitter. What would everyone’s thoughts be if we could bring him back?



Not for me Bags, done his time here and respect him for his commitment whilst here, time to move on.

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Haha true that.

Players that sign for other clubs this early are snatching hands off because they’ve been given good deals. I seem to remember we signed Mr Leahy and Devlin super early. Then it came about Whitney had spaffed most of his money :rofl:



Said for awhile now that we need to look forward and not back but Butler would really add so much to this side.



I’d bring him back in - brings experience and leadership qualities that we need. Not sure he’d relocate as he moved back up north when he left as he wanted to closer to family in Yorkshire if I remember correctly.



I think Guthrie would have been better playing alongside someone like Butler. Guthrie was supposed to take the leading role in the back four but he is not that sort of player.

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Leahy mid June, Guthrie and Gillespie week later, Devlin plus minus week after them. But this year could be different, window has to be open 12 weeks, I think, before Premier League and Championship start season (when it will be closed). Lower leagues will operate similar to earlier years, so loans (or arrivals) to clubs will be still possible, till 2nd September this year.
Return of Andy Butler? Sooner I’d like to see someone more experienced, playing in midfield. And still, I wouldn’t break the bank to sign him.