Retained & Released List - 2022

For some reason I always thought that Coventry game was played on a Sunday afternoon?

As an aside, in golf, a tricky short putt is referred to as a “Dennis Wise”.
A nasty little 5 footer.


Yeah he conceded 10 goals in 3 games.

Most damagingly he cost us 2 points at home to Crewe by being an absolute useless twonk when they floated a ball in.

The streets never forget. :smile: I will never be convinced anyone has ever done worse in a Walsall shirt.


The Sunday game was 01-02 wasn’t it? A 1-0 defeat, I think David Thompson scored their goal.

Yeah, Gary Wales it was who’d had the shot, and Jorge decided to get a needless touch on it because they got paid goal bonuses :man_facepalming:t2:


Yeah it was a damaging blow that one v Crewe. If I remember right it wasn’t even a cross it was just an aimless ball from the center of the pitch that he came for and got nowhere near. Was pretty late in the game too I think, last ten mins.

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Spot on. They’d done nothing all game as well. Unfortunatly there was a big crowd that day and I had seats right next to the away end :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

If anyone wants to relive the Coventry nightmare, here it’s is in full!

I remember it well enough… I will pass!


Nah your alright :smile:


Found the highlights instead, thought the unexpurgated version might be a little too much.
Couldn’t argue with the red card for Stiff Joakes, and I’d forgotten they missed a pelanty at 6-1.
Good shot by Wrack, I’d forgotten that as well.
My word we were terrible that day, all that was left was to repair to the pub and have a good laugh with lots of other Saddlers to get it out of the system.

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Thought he’d been in the premier league, thanks :+1::+1::+1: