Rico Henry Sell On Clause

Admire a lot of what Southgate has done for England national team on and off the pitch. But a top notch tactician would have seen us win in the summer and get the “since 1966” monkey off our back. Best chance we may ever have


I think that the disappointing thing was that Southgate was never held to account for that final, in particular his decision making. Immediately after the game, the media’ focus was entirely on allegations of racism, not the game. Ditto, to a certain extent, after Tuesday. A supine media continues to give Southgate a very easy ride. Something was very apparent in the week. It really is a mystery.

Leaving Grealish out of the starting eleven for that final and defaulting to his negative tactics was a disaster. Back in August, in Portugal, a guy we know who works at our hotel came up to me, smiled said, ‘Hi, how are you… how’s Walsall doing? And England, you lost the final - what was Southgate thinking of?’
It wasn’t just England fans bemused by Southgate’s picks.


Back on topic. Lost finals are a dead end.

Some one is going to do a U turn on this discussion…

Some people need to curb their enthusiasm when it comes to the national team

Just when you think dreams come true, they go down the drain. The footballers might be fast lane, but the team is middle of the road.

They should bring back Fred Street.

I can’t see a penny of any future Rico money benefiting us on the pitch if I’m honest. Hope I’m proven wrong.

Problem is this is the only player we can clutch at straws with.

Absolutely if I remember rightly we scored after a couple of minutes then pretty much rolled over for a belly tickle

Are we sure there was no sell-on for Jules and Adebayo? More straw clutching maybe?

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Pretty sure we have one with every sale. Just nobody every leaves us then gets sold on

I know we got money when Ricketts left Bolton to join Middlesbrough. Did we get a fee when Scott Dann left Cov to join Blues? I think we did but not sure.
I don’t we got anything when Dan Fox left Cov, and I can’t remember hearing about getting anything when Matt Fryatt moved on to Hull. Anyone remember for certain?

I’m sure we got money for both fox and Dann because they left in the January window but probably not what they were worth

Yeah, we got money for both of them when we sold them, but I was asking if we received money when they were sold on. We def did with Ricketts, think we did with Dann but not sure, and don’t think we did with Fox or Fryatt but again not totally sure.

Who is this “we” you all speak of? Have I stumbled upon a Bonser family WhatsApp group by mistake?


My secret is out. :blush: Weathers lovely here in Cyprus by the way.

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Levy has dropped another clanger over this, how he keeps his job is anyones guess.

They will be lucky to even get half of want they wanted.


The residence is definitely in the Troodos Mountains! :sweat_smile:

I can see Rico being one of those England players who get like 2-3 caps. Unless he is signed by a top 6 team he will struggle to get a consistent place

That will do us we only need 1 cap .

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