Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


Except we were never this bad under him, that’s how poorly keates is performing


Wrexham? Sometimes you get a group of players who gel to a certain system. What you can’t do is then try and play the same way with a group of players who don’t fit that system.

I’ll say it again, because still nobody can explain it to me, we didn’t let anything like this number of goals in last season with pretty much the same defenders, so what’s the difference? (A rhetorical question by the way!)


I agree that he’s been the main source of goals, that’s obvious from the stats but to further explain my frustrations we play a very long ball game and hope to live off second ball scraps. I think a lot of it has to do with the quality of first touch, movement and hold up play from the front two. Both the striker would rather fight their centre half than move off them into space receive the ball, knock it off and spin. I just think Henderson and Andrew showed today what out strikers really should be doing.


You’re right mate. It’s about the way we set up although I’ve noticed Keates has changed this around recently. Norman is no better than Devlin and I think there would be other teams taking a chance on Leahy.

I feel for Johnson, he’s looked a very good player. Perhaps too cultured for the way Keates likes to play. For example he would head the ball down to a midfielder or full back instead of heading long for Cook to battle.

I’ll give Scarr time but it’s was harsh for him to come in a replace Johnson.


Jeff will be getting nervous now, I wonder if he is sharpening his hatchet yet? Keates is certainly heading towards ‘on borrowed time’ territory. The game against Wimbledon is going to be massive.


Was sat by the dugouts today as we had some V.I.P tickets from sponsors .which included a meal in the restaurant which I must say was very good to be honest . We were sitting on the next table to no other than uncle Jeff and his family . ( tried to do a bit of earwigin but not quite close enough.) thought he did not attend games ? . Anyway there was a big difference in the managers and assistants. Deano and daffy were very quiet with no emotion and looked like they were just trying to stay warm . And on the other side was Keith hill and his staff barking orders and encouraging. I know which I preferred .


Keates is like that every match, which I think is ok if you have a vocal assistant during matches, but we don’t! He stands there with a piece of paper in his hand looking clueless or talking to the 4th official.

Bonser is often there, most matches I think.




How to win friends and influence people…you must lend me that book, if you ever get round to reading it :rofl:


I just feel now that we are masquerading as Walsall football club in name only, bonzo has sucked the life blood out of the club and fans to further his own pocket. That is why it is quite easy for me now to stay away.


What are you doing on a match thread?! Though you only come for Brexit :joy:


I had to, they hate you on this topic as well !
I will change that to…they take the ■■■■ out of you on this topic as well.


Yes, he must :rofl::rofl:


People do when you point out their nonsense. You’re a case in point.


Enough of the bickering please, gents.


Keates was the wrong appointment at the wrong time. There is a massive difference in being successful at one of the biggest non-league teams and coming to a league one club with a miniscule budget and putting himself against experienced managers. I blame the board for a very poor appointment, definitely an appointment to appease the fans. Dean is out of his depth tactically, he perseveres with Guthrie and Osbourne who the fans can see are not good enough, plays a right back in right midfield square pegs in round holes.


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I am not bickering at all, just relishing in the fact that other posters can see how shallow other posters can be.


I wasn’t talking to you.


I was talking to the forum, don’t know or care who you are talking to !