Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


You weren’t saying this when he was raking in MOTMs though


Dont say that on here mate! Your not a fan! Your views are disgusting! :clown_face::clown_face:

How long after your original post did you go back and edit that to give yourself a bigger victory (in your head)?

I know I’m having a moan about insults, but seriously, you need to go and have a strong word with yourself. Its just a message board.


Sure you’ve got me mixed up with someone else


Why the ■■■■ is Kinnsella not in the team he is the only player who gives us energy and bite in central midfield. Maybe keates hasn’t got the balls to leave Osbourne out (he is conference standard now )why can’t keates see this :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Well the Dean Keates experiment has turned out to be an absolute disaster. Shame, it was a good idea - get a young, hungry non league manager in, back him with some signings and hope to make progress. Unfortunately he’s shown he’s not the brightest and couldn’t organise a ■■■■ up in a brewery. Can we get someone in who has a slight bit of intelligence and who can coach. Anyone could do a better job with these players.


Keates was bought in as a publicity stunt by the board to appease fans, but it has backfired.


A while after. I had a thought about what tripe you are talking.

But Samasara was criticising Keates, not people that still bother to attend. That’s fair enough. Mug.


Today is one of those days I wish I never ever went to my first game at the Bescott … why didn’t I get into rugby or tennis or bloody flower arranging ! That was truely woeful.

If you had a favourite restaurant that kept serving up dog food i doubt you would keep going back to give them one more chance.

I’m cold, ■■■■■■ off and pretty much sick of watching that turgid dross that someone is trying to sell as football.



Problem is, currently there aren’t any, we are a laughing stock, there is nearly always one team that drops like a stone and gets relegated…that’s us. Can’t see us escaping the inevitable this time round, we are truly woeful.
Have looked at our upcoming fixtures till the end of the season, and can see us, even improved up front, picking up no more than 12 points overall… 47 points = relegation. Would be a sad day indeed. As I have intimated previously, a resumption of protests will result in uncle Jeff sacking Keates to appease the rablerousers, followed by the introduction of another O.Dysmal type to confidently steer us into the pit of despair.


Can’t even be bothered to argue about such trivial nonsense. So; okay okay - you win!! Don’t want you sucking your thumb in the fetal position until you fall alseep under your Superman duvet tonight



I know I did.


To posters who used to have pops at me for arguing, I get it now. Apologies :joy:


I’ve just head butted my phone … blokes relentless


There’s always the one common denominator in these arguments on here though isn’t there.

Clue: its not me or you. Sometimes you get drawn in even when you try your best, other times you can easily rise above. Always the same geezer though.


Hypocrisy :point_up::point_up::point_up:


I want the last word I want the last word I want the last word.

Why won’t these nasty men on the internet let me have the last word ITS WHAT I’M USED TO :sob::sob:


But you don’t care what I think :thinking:

Keep slating people who actually go and spending your time on a site dedicated to a team you no longer support. Whatever floats your boat.


First game for ages, should have stayed at home. Rank, long ball ■■■■ dictated by an abysmal team selection. Whitneyesque performance.


Must. Have. Last. Word. :clap::clap:


What baffles me is the fact that Deano was quite successful at Tranmere with a defense to be proud of? with lesser players?