Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


Well, you responded to my comment directly which suggests you were addressing me.


Were you in attendance today, Pinnacle?


Take your tampons out lads! The atmosphere on here, is even worse than Bescot just lately!


Its down to one bloke as far as I see it. Second time this week now with me, you disagree and he just tries to shout you down until you submit (at least on here).

I am intentionally being pedantic, childish and purposely bickering; unlike some who think it’s okay to conduct themselves like this on this message board day in, day out.


Is this still the match thread?


You obviously do not read my posts or answers, i do not go very often now that is why i do not comment on results or team selection.


not any more :wink:


I do read your posts and know that you pick and choose. That is why I asked if you had beeen today?


Can we not ban El Nombre for being a ■■■■?


Oh how i have tried :joy:


■■■■ sake, if people have issues, address them directly instead of on the match thread. Nothing against anyone on here but nobody is helping by replying to the last comment, just going round in a circle. Much like Walsall FC.


How embarrassing is this arguing😂 Grow up.

Today was dreadful and worse than most games under Whitney. We have no plan other than to hoof it to Cook. We continued to play our two weakest links (despite being backed to replace them) who Rochdale exposed time and time again and the decision to drop Kinsella completely was very harsh. The kid deserves better. Keates takes full blame for today I’m afraid, needs to turn it around quickly as it looks like this job is too much for him at the moment unfortunately.


No i haven’t.


Thank you :smiley:


Agree but there is one common denominator that gets on every ones nerves.


Think we all just went today in a positive frame of mind . And yet again we start very slowly give the supporters nothing to get excited about. A performance that was embarrassing. I am one of those who will cut keates as much slack as I can but I am getting very frustrated now as iam sure most are with the lack of improvement and direction, selection,game plan .Everybody who cares about the saddlers is soooooo low.


Upon viewing the second goal again. It’s not a witch hunt - it’s just facts. Same individuals time and time again.

Guess who ball watches, and doesn’t track the runner?

Our favourite. He can never play again - one (of many) reasons we are awful. By the way, Norman was dreadful too in the ‘defending’ for the goal. Way too easy.

Also have to mention Guthrie again - he’s a non league centre half.


Found the whole experience un-enjoyable today.

Wouldn’t mind if Roberts was forced into save after save, but we just seem to concede every clear cut chance!


A prediction - if we don’t get a win in the next 3 weeks (which is unilikely the way we are playing) Deano will be sacked because JB won’t contemplate relegation without any action (on his part.)


Your right , pretty sure when we signed Guthrie he had only played a couple of seasons in a poor Crewe team after coming from non League. He is everything that we knew he was when signing him.

Like you say that’s his level.