Rose or Roberts?

As money will be tight next season (no change there then), in order to maximise resources for a couple of proper strikers I would go one further than PT and promote Maik Taylor to number 1 goalie with Mick Kearns on the bench.

I’ve heard Richard O Donnell’s time at Bradford could be coming to a end this summer…

I’d be interested to know what Maik Taylor actually does day in, day out because the goalkeepers have been at best stagnant and at worst have gone backwards under his tenure. A new goalkeeping coach would be a start.


Think Rose has done ok. 1 bad mistake against Salford apart. The 2nd goal Saturday was a good save initially IMO having watched it back I don’t see where else he could have parried it too.

I would potentially like an improvement but I don’t think its essential. If Roberts is out of contract then let him go. Absolutely dire

Neither, we need better.

I recall Dean Smith once saying in a conversation - ‘a good keeper breeds confidence throughout the team’. You only have to look at what Martinez has brought to Villa this season as an example.


Happy to have both unless we can get better for free. All budget should be focused on buying players that can create and score goals.


Hmmm…well if you’re after flowers then I’d go with Rose, definitely.
If it’s bread you need then Roberts it is…

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Bin Roberts for sure.
I’d keep Rose as back up to a vastly more experienced bloke that we need to get in who can command his defence, his area, and not throw shots into his own net from 30 yards out.

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Jimmy Walker sacked by Ipswich, could draft him in.


He didn’t exactly cover himself in glory when he was briefly WFC goalkeeper coach under Dean Smith.

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No team will ever get promoted with Roberts in goal I’m afraid. He’s got 4 or 5 bloopers in him a season, and another 4 or 5 generally dodgy/questionable performances.

Local lad and all that, but I think it’s best for both him and us at this moment in time that he moves on, and we do too.

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I meant as a player…