Ryan Stirk Signs


I’m hoping we play 3 across the middle of the park, then I can sing:

Comley to the left of me
Riley to the right
Here I am Stirk in the middle with you


Bravo sir, take a bow…

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Brandon Cumley full of praise for the midfield maestro. Got a feeling we’ll see much more from Stirk next season having faded somewhat over the latter stages after a really good first half of the campaign.


I think you are a good contributor to this site KC, but I do wish you’d stop with the mis spelling Brandon Cumley bait. It shows disrespect for a Walsall player who has performed well and given his all for the team.

Plus no-one ever falls for it.

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My apologies Andy, it’s not bait at all, it’s actually in reference to the home game against Alfreton where the wireless feed was from BBC Radio Derby and their co-commentator kept erroneously referring to him as ‘Cumley’ which tickled me somewhat. I see your point though that it could be regarded as derogatory for a player as you say has been a fabulous servant over the last few seasons.


I bet you’ve come across some fabulous servants over the years


Was that a spelling mistake … :thinking: :wink:


The name thing is obviously an unfunny joke, but in reality Comley was absolutely bang average. He did alright but nothing more.



I think for some fans it became a case of the less you noticed him doing, the more football intelligent you could sound by noticing it….:rofl::rofl:

In the cold light of day, hand on heart, if we’re all honest about the majority of the squad last year, bar one or two, I’m afraid they are pretty much all bang average, and that truely hurts me to say.

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Indeed, wasn’t a knock at Comley, although I can see it looks like that.

He wasn’t bad he just wasn’t what some are making him out to be and the rest of the squad aren’t much different. Hutchinson and Draper were a class apart last season, other than that no real standout players in my mind.

I was disappointed in Stirk actually, he came with a good rep and Mansfield fans seemed to rate him, but he also fit in the mediocre category unfortunately, he could be better next season, you never know.

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Comely is very average , is he really better than kinsella
There not many players we have had who were class other than obviously hutch and adebayo and for me Holden was quality

Would certainly expect more from Stirk.

He came with a big reputation from Mansfield who were regular promotion contenders at this level yet what we got was 3 goals in 40 games.

I personally prefer Earing in the 8 role as he just moves the ball better and tempo of the play is better with him in the team so Stirk needs to up his game next year.

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I think Stirk can play where Comley did he is more progressive with the ball and can still make up the ground and make tackles leaving Earing or an other to partner Hutch


Yes. I think it was against Swindon that Stirk played in that defensive midfield slot and and played well. I think he got the ball forward quickly at times. That Swindon game was probably one of the most entertaining games this season.

I think Comley plays well in that role too though.

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Stirk is quicker at going forward.

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If we are playing with a pivot and two 8’s - I’d personally play Stirk over Comley.

However, we appear to have no real intention of keeping the ball - so I don’t think it matters really.

Unless… Sadler changes the style. I don’t get the impression he will after listening to his interview.


I’d rather have a cdm who’s more comfortable on the ball than just breaks up play. We will never keep more possession with Comley or stirk as a cdm over when we had chambers or featherstone

I actually think we keep the ball better with stirk in the CDM role but he is not as effective as Comley at breaking up play . Comley I think is very negative with his distribution often first thought is pass backwards or sideways . Stirk I think is a little more forward thinking .
So if you combine both you have the ideal CDM!