Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Mate I’m telling you, you’re wrong here. It’s not even subjective. Devlin completely failed with his defensive duties here. Not willing to carry on with this because the evidence is there for all to see.

Anyway, I’m off to Nandos :joy::+1:t2:


I was happy to leave it at disagreeing :woman_shrugging: Haha


I blame Leahy



Nicky Devlin in the “team of the day”.


I take it @Thanatos didn’t pick it :grin:


Appreciate you’re passionate but can you please stop spamming threads with repetition. If you have a beef with someone, make your point once then take it to private messaging.

That goes for you too, @Thanatos


I’ve just explained my position - repeatedly.


Yes … again and again and again and again and again and again (ad nauseam) :grimacing:


Can’t criticise either full back as it’s always someone else’s fault that they can’t defend :roll_eyes:


Told off for making your point on a messageboard.

2 or 3 people make the same point to me repeatedly. Chances are my responses will be repetitive.


Well done Nicky.



No no it’s absolutely fine when it’s their fault. I can think of a couple from Leahy just off the top of my head. And Devlin was at fault for one against Sunderland and I’m sure there are many others.

But we have this debate after literally every goal. In fact there’s a 4 month old topic on those very players with the same reparative criticisms through.

But yeah, it’s me that’s repatative.


Well done devlin . Gets a lot of unfair criticism for me . Always gives a 100% for the club . Can’t be said about a lot of other players. But they seem to dodge the grief he gets …


Sorry for the repetition, but this forum urgently needs the restoration of the Ignore function.
It’s starting to resemble the Bescot Bogs.


I could give 100% for the club, but if I’m ■■■■, I’m ■■■■. I don’t think anyone here has questioned his commitment -
Just his ability. Sawyers got loads of grief for not appearing as committed, but who would you prefer in your team?


Did u go to the game Saturday? Was devlin not our best player ? Accept for Edwards maybe?


Cant take anymore of bonser . Football is massive world wide . Can we not somehow spread the word . Must be a Chinese rich man out there who would love to be loved and be held as a saviour and legend of the supporters of Walsall fc


@Gavin77 see this on Thank You Bonser thread


I can count the number of Chinese I know who are aware of Walsall on one finger of one hand.