Season Tickets 22/23 - Final Thread

Didn’t realise as last year mine just went to phone I didn’t order a physical copy x this one just arrived

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ET can’t phone home.

Tbf my old seat is still reserved for me, as i bought a slightly different one this time around. So not sure that’s updated properly yet.

Mine arrived today.

Agree with others - nice to have a “thing”. When the boxes with all my Walsall stuff are discovered it will look like I gave 2021/22 a swerve.

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Still waiting to receive mine for the Lower.

Got mine yesterday so don’t panic yet

My e-ticket came yesterday too.

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Snap …

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Got mine within a week of purchase, both digital and card

I pay for 3 and the only one not to arrive is mine :relaxed::relaxed: I think next year they can pay for their own :grinning:

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Still waiting for mine ordered months ago lol

My digital ones came last night

Just saw Bradford have sold new club record of over 14 thousand season tickets at £198 each good price that surpose can do cheaper over how many sell

Bradford had actually sold 20,000 but they had to refund 6,000 after Os signed for them.



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Its been a while since my last update I have now counted 3421 grey dots … so up just under 200 on my last update

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And all done whist still on the same break as last week.

I’ts slow in the highways dept at the moment :grin:

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Are you sure? Think you missed one. Suggest you count again to check😃

You’re dotty.