Season Tickets 22/23

I didn’t like the bloke mate, but it’s just very odd how Walsall FC was one of the only clubs where he hasn’t done okay - and let’s face it, it’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last time a manager goes from us and picks up where they left off from prior to taking the job.

Are you telling me his approach at Walsall FC was different from any of the other clubs he has managed? Of course, it wasn’t.

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These lads aren’t millionaires. They’re making 50 - 100K a year. Sounds a lot to you and me, but that’s their career until 30 odd and then it’s off to find another job. Hopefully.

I very much doubt they were playing on the cheap, and they were still rubbish.

By his own admission the job was too big for him, and given his previous and current success that speaks volumes of the task that any Walsall manager faces. But the revisionism (particularly the idea he had us primed for the play-offs) that was used to criticise Dutton and now Taylor is unhelpful. The familiar old cycle begins…


Except it is. He’s not in charge of recruitment at Port Vale, which he was here. It’s pretty obvious he captured lightning in a bottle at Bristol Rovers and fair play to him, he absolutely made the most of it (although Bristol Rovers should be getting promoted from the national league, the second promotion is more impressive). He thought he could “get the band back together here” and it didn’t work. And he knew it. And was fresh out of ways to fix it.

And hey, I was totally with him when he complained about certain players being sold. That was valid criticism of the board too. But he was a massive part of why he failed here.

You’re absolutely right, it is damning that he failed here and is doing ok elsewhere. But it absolutely was a different scenario, one he knew about and even eulogised about when he first came to the club.

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It’s getting harder and harder to even use the current ticket to go never mind being tied in for another season.


I voted yes but for me it’s more for the social side than the football. To be honest I’ve enjoyed watching Stourport Swift’s more this season proper commitment from the players and a welcoming match day experience.

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Given the allegations on another thread ( and we don’t know the truth behind it yet) would we feel comfortable renewing our tickets until this is cleared up? There are some serious allegations made in that post and together with allegations from other jobs he has had does not look good.

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I think Clarke would still be manager without the covid type transfers from the club.

The rug was pulled, he aint the only one to be miffed about it. And it was a big rug.

So to summarise so far; a bright spark who we rescued from obscurity has gone at the first chance, a homegrown fan favourite looks to be on the way out too, we haven’t signed anyone at all, our youth team is in bits and our Director of Football has been accused of being a racist bully.

This is a dire January even by our illustrious standards

It’s a no from me next time, barring substantial change. This season was always borderline for me but I committed because of the 18 month hiatus.

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Season tickets after today’s goings on FORGET IT.