Shrewsbury Game


Cheers for clearing that up Stroller I knew it was something like that :+1:… but my memory not what it used to be :thinking:

Around the Coakley Barnwell period then.



Sorry just saw @Stroller has replied Yes I thought it was an asthma attack



:+1::+1: chunkster … over 30 years ago !!!

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Sales seem to be slowing a tad.

Could well be our form meaning that plenty now see it as a dead rubber surrounded by Shrewsbury fans taking the ■■■■.

Just under 1,200 at close today. So there’s every chance they will make general sale unless I guess we win tomorrow to heighten the chances of us still being alive come Shrewsbury.

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I’m dreading it already

We’ll be down by then anyway so technically it won’t really matter but they look like they’ve got themselves out of the muck so it’ll be an awful end to a terrible season - thanks for everything Jeff

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Bin talkin to a couple of lads today about the match, and it’s going to be a bit fruity. unfortunately i don’t think that this game is going to be remembered for the football :neutral_face:

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Anyone coming from train will get an escort from the station I’d imagine.

Doubt they’ll be much licence to roam into their lovely town centre, remember in 2012 there was a brawl outside the 'spoons (there’s two across the road from each other for some reason). Don’t think it’s kicked off last few seasons but this will obviously be high stakes.

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I think a lot of lads will be going in cars and minibus, so they will be able to go wherever they want. but i think there will be a heavy police presence from shrewsbury and walsall.



If that’s the case the “lads” are morons. I assume that “a bit fruity” means people inflicting grievous bodily harm or worse on other people just because they happen to be from a different town and support a different football team. Its about time they all grew up.



Died of an Asthma attack if im not mistaken



Shout be known as the Bonser; Gamle and Mole OUT game - maybe the sheep shaggers will join in



I hope it doesn’t kick off because I am in the Shrewsbury end. Also hope it’s not cold, as I don’t fancy risking my sheep skin coat in there…



I can’t see us selling out now :see_no_evil:



I thought long and hard before I replied, yes you are right it is moronic, and childish, but it was part of my life in the early 80*s and I found it difficult to condem someone for something I have done myself. :slightly_frowning_face:but thinking about it now I can condem it because I no longer belong to the fraternity that do that, I am 58 this week, and although I don’t think that I have got it completely out of my system, I think I have matured enough to accept that it is stupid and childish, and would not actively seek to participate in things like that anymore, I would much rather have a few beers with another supporter now :grin:



Roughly translated to ‘I can’t run fast enough these days’… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just to confess, I’m 56 this month Chunk so it’s no case of pot calling the kettle etc etc…



There is that as well :joy:



The few beers option is much more appealing :beers:



Yep you are right @Coop63 :+1:
But if anyone said something to upset me :joy::joy::joy:
I remember being in a motorway cafe with @Yorkred in the 80,s in Tewksbury I think it was? And we were having a perfectly civilized conversation with some Bristol rovers fans, I can’t remember what one of them said but I do remember @Yorkred running after them with a blunt knife from the cutlery tray in the restaurant, and them trying to get into a moving car as they scampered :joy::joy::joy:

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I remember the day the lad died at Shrewsbury. There was a football special train for Walsall fans which I don’t think their lot realised, so they were heavily outnumbered when the trouble started. I don’t think many folks knew what had happened at the time, but the coppers were well agitated. I got a full-on baton whacking when I refused to get on the football special off two of them. I lived in Wolverhampton at the time, so instead of the short journey on the regular train, I got bundled on the special which proceeded to go through Wolverhampton, down to Brum, then back up to Walsall! After which I had to get the bus to Wolvo. Two hours later got home black and blue.
Suppose it served me right for living there.



I hope he wiped the margarine off the knife - those Tewksbury folk don’t like waste :rofl: