Shrewsbury Game


I think that happened in the early 90’s



I’m 58 tomorrow Chunks.

Times have moved on, but in those days I was always proud that we had some decent lads. Part of the match experience.

I’ll have one for us tomorrow :smile:

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Happy birthday for tomorrow, you old git. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You obviously have grown up then! I guess people’s experience of football, and life generally is different and tends to condition your behaviour. I’m 62 and went to Fellows park with my dad from the age of 5 and it was always drummed into me that any aggression should be verbal and directed towards the ref and maybe the oppositions players, rather than physical and involving their fans. So when I started to go on my own as a teenager I always avoided aggro and I’ve always struggled to understand why anyone would want to involve themselves either in seeking to harm others or risking harm to themselves. Each to their own I suppose.

Anyway its good to hear that you are no longer involved in such nonsense - could be dangerous at your age! Have a great birthday.



Any UTS members going to cause trouble let us know and we’ll ban you now.



Cheers Exile :smile:

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I fear that Shrewsbury will bring on a melancholic mood which in turn could lead to some badly constructed sentences in long and needlessly wordy posts from me on UTS that evening.

If you want to take pro-active measures I get it.



Happy birthday @Belphegor :+1::beer:



Got the train last year and we was all escorted to the ground, however it was the Shrews fans being escorted on the way back and they broke out of that and cut Walsall fans up at the train station and was a few incidents there



I’ll probably be ■■■■■■ and will write utter tripe.

Doubt anyone would notice the difference though :open_mouth:

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I won’t be able to read until late Sunday