Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM


I’m sorry but that’s no excuse for Cooks display tonight. He didn’t do enough.


Disappointing. Again.

Could’ve won. Could’ve lost.

Really poor home form and at times there is more than an element of hoof about our play.

Don’t know why we didn’t utilise some of the talent we have on the bench. No unenforced subs at home when we’re drawing against a rank average side.

Cook, Osbourne, Ginnelly could’ve all had the hook.

Dunno how the latter got motm. Ferrier ran his knackers off, leading the line on his own and having to chase down some very speculative long punts.

Clean sheet I s’pose.


Think Keates views Ginnelly as a good foil for Leahy - can’t see any other reason why Morris hasn’t been given a chance in the last two games.


Completely agree. Ginnelly’s decision making has been really poor in last two games.

But he does stay wide, which like you say means he can link, help, support Leahy. Morris does have a tendency to drift inside.

But Morris unlocked some defences earlier this season and is really unlucky not to be getting any game time in a side that is struggling to unlock defences.


Agree. Not always been keen on Morris but he has looked far more effective this season so far.


Team is clearly having a sticky patch at home. Said yesterday likes of Morris and Ronan should be given more minutes in these type of games otherwise more 0-0s/0-1s will happen in the next six months.

Still outside the top 6 only on GD, things could be much worse.


Brett Angell got absolutely ripped by fans in the promotion season, Oxford away in particular stands out. Perhaps certain sections of our fan base wants everyone to run around at all times.

I’d point them in the direction of the nearest computer game.


Sky highlights

Glaring miss by Ferrier.


This is for @el_nombre. Enjoy!

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Drop ball debacle



We got a clean sheet!!! It wasn’t an easy one either Roberts making some key saves

We didn’t lose to Shrewsbury and in all honesty barring a dubious penalty decision we could have witnessed back to back goalless draws.


We look toothless in attack. Not playing to the strengths of our attacking options. Not enough quality coming into the box for Cook and I don’t think Ferrier wants to hold the ball up he wants to get in behind.

By no means panic stations were way above where I thought we would be at the start of the season.

I do think teams have found us out in regards to our style at home and maybe need to tactical switches to mix it up.

Agree I think Morris deserves a start, both Ginelly and Zeli have lost the August/early September form


Nothing to do with “running around”. My point was about awareness in and around goal. - Watch his positioning and movement when we get into crossing situations…
The fact is Cooks contribution in recent games (other than moaning a lot) has been about zero.
I think some of our fan base want this guy to be something he isn’t.


It wasn’t targeted at you, I mentioned ‘them’ as the sub-section of fans that need someone to gob off at, in this case because they are not perceived as running around enough. Other players fall foul of various other accusations, be that Angell, Manny Smith, Lazy Sawyers etc.


Ginnelly? Motm and it wasn’t even close. Agree on the others.

Ismail should have been the change for Morris.


I saw it completely the other way ‘round to be honest.

I thought all of our best work was down the right with a hesitant Ginnelly not sure whether to attack the back post (Wrack esque ) or hold back waiting for a second ball (like the goal he got at Tranmere) but this often meant it passed him by and when it did land to him he either wildly flashed at it or in the instance of the one off the line in the first half was really cautious.


His overall contribution is good, but he’s had some of our best opportunities to score or make a decisive pass/cross over the past few games and his decision making hasn’t been great.


He literally ran through for our best chance? The Keeper makes a decent save. He also threatened with a shot in the closing minutes that caused Cook to move out of the way. He also set up Ismail on a plate first half and as you say had a chance cleared off the line.

Ismail started really brightly but did absolutely nothing, at all, second half. Their left back had completely figured him out and kept him nicely in his pocket.


To be honest I don’t think either Ismail or Ginnelly were that effective. Thought Leahy and especially Devlin offerred the best threats out wide


Cook was rubbish last night. He hardly won anything in the air which isn’t surprising as he spends most of his time looking at the defender and trying to back in, rather than looking at the ball in the air. Cook looks like a non-league player - compare his performance with their number 20 who won nearly all his headers, was mobile and held the ball up brilliantly.

I thought Osborne was useless- he didn’t break up play, was a yard off the pace and offers nothing going forwards. His best bit in the whole game was the “What happens next moment” when he was poleaxed- comedy gold. Ismail was the player from early last season - he kept running into blind alleys. I thought Ginnelly offered a threat and should have scored in the second half. Dobson was tidy but missed our best chance. I would bring in Morris for Cook and Kinsella for Osborne on Saturday and play 4-4-1-1. Cook shouldn’t be starting.


Ran through for our best chance? The one where Dobson found him with a fantastic through ball so all Ginnelly had to do was run in a straight line towards goal and slot past the keeper, which he failed to do?


Yeah. As I said ran through? Is that not “running through for our best chance”?

He should have done better. But he looked far more threatening than Ismail did second half. I’ve just given four examples of it. That chance was just as good as the one he supplied Ismail with first half who nearly cleared the stand with his shot.

They all missed good chances. Ginnelly alone isn’t guilty of that. Dobson should have had one, Ismail should have had one. Cook never got in position to have one. Ferrier all of a sudden looks scared to have a dig and didn’t even get the easiest header I have seen all season on target. I’m talking about which looked more threatening. What exactly did Ismail do second half?