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I will take him a shovel round :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Having seen the below response I’m not sure that’s accurate as I’ve seen a detailed query sent from a fan asking for answers on several issues and his response was basically a couple of sentences saying we’ve listened and can we leave it at that…. no actual answer to any of the queries or even saying he’d follow up and come back. :man_shrugging:

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SLO on a mad one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Exact reason people refuse to vote labour. This prick. This prick right here.


Can we separate the Man (GW) from the role (SLO)

These comments are purely about the role, not the man or his ability to do the role

It’s irrelevant to the average fan. The role creation process was out of touch. The method of working is out of touch. There is no level of connect for the fan and the SLO. The whole process of his appointment was detached from the fanbase.

Irrelevant and out of touch sadly

Nice try but irrelevant


It needs to be established what the role entails and what it’s supposed to cover. Pomlett said he’ll review it after 2 years but what criteria is he basing the decision on?

It looks like the club see the position as dealing with supporters queries from the clubs point of view and reporting back whereas fans see the role as being a representative for them to the club and now on the board.

The original question in the minutes seemed to be asking for clarification but it wasn’t answered… it just got sidetracked by the social media comment.


Hang on, so the club can communicate all day every day through social media but fans can’t :man_shrugging:t3:

Copy Paste job here - this is in response to the guy being disbelieving seeing we shelved iFollow for tomorrow

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Also worth noting is that he doesn’t like social media.

Of course, he’s made 6506 Tweets at the time of me posting this, over the course of near enough 6 years. So just over 1000 Tweets a year. Bit odd for someone to do if they hate social media.


He is the SLO for 2 reasons
1.He worked with Gamble and happens to be a Walsall fan
2.He has connections to Bonser.


Jobs for the boys like always. Even the SLO…. they are completely oblivious to what the fans want and are now at a stage where their own ego and status goes before what’s best for the club.


Crikey the SLO will be asking for a pay rise with all the crap this job entails :joy: bottom 5 budget next season anyone?

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I think the SLO is there to help his mate Gamble out

A fans representative who does not represent fans except in the form of a dossier of those who say not very nice things on that twitter thingy and an out of date, out of touch dinosaur board/gentlemen’s club of old white males and a wife who volunteers on matchdays :roll_eyes:. The strategy must be to always tell fans what they want to hear (erm…we’re giving it a good go people) whilst hoping to carve out an existence in L2 for the duration of Pombear’s reign based in there always been two worse teams than us. Happy Days folks. Early Bird anyone?

Find it funny how the slo is getting pelters left right and centre, but Matt Taylor is given a free ride with the players he’s had at his disposal we should be doing alot better than what we are but his stubbornness not to change formation will bite him in his backside.


Ye but matt is a whizz on social media :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

And this is the reason you cannot trust a word that comes out of pombears mouth. this appointment right here. he represents 0 walsall fans.

Think the reason it’s not showing on iFollow is someone hasn’t pressed a button and the computer still thinks this rearranged fixture is a Saturday game.