Strengthening in January?

Interesting comments from DK reported in the Star. There is some money to strengthen in January and he also makes it clear some players may leave. If you where in his position what would you do ? I have to admit I am not too sure what I would do but on the assumption that the loanees will depart I think I would look to bolster the CH and defensive midfield positions as a start.

Very pleased to read Keates’ comments. If Fitzwater leaves another CB of his ilk is required. I’d look to bring another left back in to increase depth and competition for places - don’t think we have another left back in the squad. Another pacey winger/ striker too.

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Maybe they should sell Ferrier…he and Cook haven’t exactly set the world on fire as striking partnership…they’re not exactly a Keegan/Toshack or a Wright/Bright are they? Just thinking outside the box…:wink:

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Will need to do some immense strengthening if we are to climb back up to mid table again.
Defeat at Bradford and we could, in the wrong circumstances of results, be in 17th position.
Good job there are some really poor teams in the bottom four, even when Bradford haul themselves out at our expense.

“Snigger” :rofl::rofl:

We are mid table though…

Cook and Norwood reunited would be interesting. He has 17 goals already this season, and is out of contract next summer.



So big Cookie is doing well so far?

Yeah, weve still got a big gap. Norwood who already has 4 in 4 is missing him as a strike partner. Ive already seen enough to think if we had kept Cook we would be getting back to back promotions. They were like Shearer and Sheringham, but the lower league version.

We brought back former player Cole Stockton from Carlisle to replace him. Which has had mixed reactions from our fans, most didn’t rate him including me. Hes done okay in games but remains goalless in 5 games. If we still had Cook…

All the best.



Aug 22

Maybe if you do no good this season we come back and have Norwood off you as well :smile:


Wouldn’t get another CB in as way Johnson played v Sunderland means he deserves some games second half of the season. Apparently on a free at end of season so that would be easy signing to make if he shows more potential.

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He’s out on loan isn’t he?

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I did write that post in the 2nd minute of extra time, when we were still 1-0 down…I apologise! Hope we can continue that vane of determination at Valley Parade on Saturday, hoping to go if work commitments don’t get in the way, again.

Yes but only short term

I guessed that - not the best timing but I suppose the chances of us winning from there was pretty unlikely :smile:

PS You shouldn’t be working at your age!

Not only work, but a wife that thinks 22 men running around on a football pitch trying to kick a bag of wind, is a silly game, but I doubt if I am the only one that suffers from a similar stumbling block!
Would be good if we could strengthen in January, but, with uncle Jeff in charge of the finances, it will only be third team loanees at best, any decent signings would cost money, and we all know that doesn’t happen.

One of the Coventry fans on Sky Blues’ board said that as the game drew to a close the bookies were offering 150/1 for a Walsall win, so he put a small bet on, never expecting to collect!!

One of the replies he got was that there is a place for people who bet against their own team…

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saint tropez if the bets big enough :joy:


Got to be honest, he didn’t look ready in preseason. Defensively he looked ok and was a bit of a unit but he was (and he is young and this may well improve so I’m not writing him off) absolutely dreadful in possession. He gave the ball away over and over against Rushall, Ajax and Villa. I think it’s just a little bit of experience to be fair but I’d rather keep loaning him out than have him as a back up left back at the moment.

SkySports are reporting that talented young Villa midfielder Jake Doyle Hayes will be going out on loan in Jan with several League 1 clubs interested in him. Wonder if we are one of the interested clubs?

Nephew just said he watched him against burton and he looked very much out of place :confused: