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Strengthening in January?


You obviously have no taste …:rofl:


Oh hell mans is that not enough


What worries me about him though …is he still hungry for it …


He could be a souper sub, as if he hasn’t lost that poaching instinct, I bet he could still pud a few in the onion bag!


There might be a scramble for his signature and I’m not sure we can shell out enough dough to persuade him to join us. At the end of the day, it all boils down to money.


These jokes are eggcellent


It’s obviously not to your taste then …


Were after andrew barrowman:grinning:


Apparently Darren Bent in the England star sixes squad in Glasgow at the minute. On SkySports this weekend, not sure how he got on in opening game.


This thread has turned to custard.


Looks like something is repeating on you? :hamburger:


another thread ruined.


A case of too many cooks, Killer? :grin:


Edwards Dobson Kinsella Jarvis
Cook Bent


Back on topioca

Why would we be looking to blow what would clearly be a wedge on Darren Bent?
Having just acquired Matt Jarvis to go with Cook, Ferrier and an improving-by-the-game Gordon, surely the priority lies in midfield / defence?

Or is it a cynical ploy to stop the natives from becoming too restless?


Anthony Gerrard might be signing for us :thinking::thinking:


I think people just throw in a little light hearted fun in the middle of threads to lift all the doom and gloom, but then they Peter out and get back on track, don’t believe it’s meant to deliberately sabotage :+1:


What has that got to do with food? :joy:


Agreed…I wouldn’t waste any money on Bent. A good defensive midfielder would be my first target followed by a CH. Having said that players are expensive in this window so I would only spend if I was certain the signing would improve the team substantially.


Looks like he is trying to assemble a team capable of winning 4-3, strange when I thought that he was more defensive minded.