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Strengthening in January?


Don’t worry about Gerrard.

It’s a wind up - we won’t be signing him.


Gosh! Really? Being from NZ I really wasn’t sure. Thanks for your super-accurate guidance, metfanwy, what would we do without you?


I aim to serve.


And I’m pretty… fed up …with your comments as well :joy:


I think we do need a striker, we have 3 on the books and Gordon has been playing the number 10 role as naturally he’s links midfield anyway. That leaves Ferrier and Cook. Don’t think we need another CM as we now have Edwards, Dobson, Kinsella, Osbourne, Chambers (when fit), Moussa and Morris. We have 4 CB’s not including Kory (has he been written off for the season?). Now Wilson has gone back I’m sure he’ll be looking for another full back. Understand we have conceded the 6th most in the league but we have also scored the 6th least. With attack being the best form of defence and a lot of our goals conceded by a quick turnover from defence to attack by the opposition then I’d say a striker is priority. That being said, there has to be someone less lazy than Bent around


Did Bent score much for Burton? It’s the old he hasn’t played six months issue so will be lacking match fitness like Martin did.

On balance I’d still probably sign him if he wants to come here, he’s very much a Krispie finisher…


How did Norwood play last night?


About 6/10 didn’t look anything special


It’s hard to concentrate on your game @chunkster , when the bright lights of Walsall come a calling…

I know this has been mentioned many times before but if you want a full back, holding midfielder and makeshift centre half/big man up top, Greg Halford is your man!

Chuck in a long throw for pacy wingers and Cookie to snaffle up, and added to the fact that he lives in Walsall and played in the same team as Neil Etheridge last season, and it seems a shrewd acquisition to me…

I’m convinced that today’s Bolton game pretty much determines our budget. I guess the only issue with bigger signings is that will they accept a relegation clause? I believe that Pardew would have signed Deeney for WBA had it not been for that sticking point…


Halford would be perfect. Can play full back, centre half, in midfield and upfront. Has experience and played with Jarvis at Wolves.


Fitzwater is a substitute for West Brom. An hour gone as I type and not on yet.


Can’t really judge him against that standard of opposition tbh.

He did give the ball away for first goal which Aurier smacked in from 30 yards.


Waste of time recalling him then!


I’m sure he knew he would have no better chance to put himself in the shop window playing a live tv game against Spurs…but he didn’t did he?


Bescot Banter are reporting that Candlin is on his way back after his loan at Blackburn. May see him reintergrated into the squad unless he goes back out on loan.


We need a goalkeeper. Roberts has lost it and has cost us 2 many goals


Our defence and goalkeeper are conference standard at the moment.


Our manager is proving to be conference standard at the moment as well!


If Keates plans on saying to Masi this evening that individuals are playing for their futures, he needn’t bother.

Guthrie, Leahy, and Devlin have been operating at a similar level across two different management teams, and about half a dozen different systems, for 18 months now. They’re simply not going to get any better. Martin’s higher level experience was supposed to bring them on, & it simply hasn’t. If anything, its having the opposite effect.

Here and now is the opportunity for Keates to do something about the first choice personnel not getting better, before that fact makes our situation any worse. Not in May. Not in the first week of August. Now.


Agree with EvenFlow.
The back 4 have had there chances and proven not good enough. Do we really want Fitzwater back because he’s not the solution.

If it isn’t the back 4’s problem then it must be the central midfield. Are we saying Kinsella, Dobson and Osbourne aren’t good enough.

If we want to fix the problem we need 2 new defenders now and not at the end of the window.