Summer Transfer Rumours 2022

I think Devine was made the scapegoat our 1st half performance against Swindon, but I thought the problem was Shade leaving him exposed and not tracking back to help.


Telford incoming


Pure fantasy :laughing:

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So is Norwood

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But we still need 2 strikers.
Without them we won’t see the benefit of the other recruitment.

Who is still available:
Norwood, Keillor Dunn, Dallas, Doodo + loans


I know mate my post was in relation to the pic of Herve Villechaise who stared in the 70’s tv programme fantasy island :grin: :wink:

But you are probably to young to remember it?

He’d still beat Menayese in the air.


Yes just raw talent.

So want a striker announced today! Come on Super Saddlers.

Lump on

I don’t think Vadaine Oliver has officially found a new club yet. The combination of he and a young forward (Luke Pearce on a season long loan, anyone?) would do for me.

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Very happy with that tbf i reckon theres enough in budget to afford that plus with wilko to return in jan that would be more than adequate. I expect a permanent and loan along the lines of the duo youve mentioned above.

Vadaine Oliver and Andy Dallas would be the two that I’d go for.


Dallas would be a welcomed signing.

The wait for a striker!

This could actually be good surley if he was an average striker with not much interest he would have been signed by now. Hopefully it means hes in high demand or currently contracted to another club and they are bargaining on price.

  • Grigg

Sure Grigg has signed up for someone can’t remember who tho

I thought this the other day. Emotional attachment of coming back to play for his 1st club … then the hypnotist clapped his hands and I woke up

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Talk was he was signing for Rotherham but they’re signing Telford and Eaves (from Hull). Not sure they’d want Grigg as well, and he isn’t good enough the Championship.

The only place I’ve seen Telford linked with Rotherham is the same Twitter Account that said we’re getting Bailey. That being said, I’d imagine Grigg to end up back at MK Dons or similar and Telford to end up at a newly promoted L1 team (Rovers or Vale)

Doesn’t look like we are signing these strikers today.