Summer Transfer Rumours 2022

We probably need a defender. We are playing a back 3 with only 4 players at the moment and Daniels came off early last Saturday. If McEntee were fit, it might be ok but we are looking a bit threadbare just now.

I’d say we definitely need cover at CB. What you’d think are the first choice 3 Daniels, Clarke and Monthe, with at the moment, only White as cover.

McEntee when he is over his injury will boost this, but it only takes bad luck for us to be left short there. You could throw Rio Sawyers into that mix, but he was sent back to the youth team, so i’d preferably like to see us get another in, if the budget allows.

Is Paul Downing still available

How about askingReading for Scott Dann on loan? :smiley:

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One of my favourite things Iv ever seen on tv, was when we were a featured game on whatever the midweek version of soccer Saturday is. Merson had us and Dann scored from a corner. Merson was looking confused scratching his head and while explaining the goal saying, “I thought I released him”

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Plymouth in the Carling Cup the season we won League 2

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Currently proudly wearing my title winning away top from the 06/07 season whilst on holiday in Aberystwyth.
A good omen?
Lets hope so, at least the weather here is matching that wonderful day!

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I’m there off back home tomorrow

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“It comes after Flynn’s new look side beat Newport County - with a gusty 1-0 win at Rodney Parade.”

Must have been all that hot air coming out of that prick of a fans mouth because it looked a beautiful sunny day to me.


I heard the win was an absolute breeze.

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Is this a wind up?

It blows my mind how pun threads start.

With our new owners, maybe we can afford to get Hurri Cane up front.


Be someone called Gayle…

Sue Narmy is joining the women’s team…

Very silly !!

…or that Janaye Beaufort. She’s off the scale.


Are you in the doldrums @monkeydog ?

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These puns are causing quite the storm