Team for next season

I was wondering the same.
Normally at this time of the year we get the old chestnut of
“Players are on their holidays” we have to “Wait until their contracts end before we can make an announcement” not to mention “The player we are trying to get is considering their options”
That said we did get the quote the other day that we already have some over the line.

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1st June is when players can start signing for other teams, so I’d expect around then unless we have to wait until the full contract expiry. We may get lucky and have an early one if we sign a contracted player.

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Players can sign from now

This lad could be huge for us next season apart from away to Bristol Rovers(I seem to remember) he hasn’t put a foot wrong the penalty against Swindon wasn’t his fault it was a culmination of defensive errors higher up the pitch that left him hugely isolated.I just have a feeling that at 28 he’ll now start to produce some excellent performances he goes about his business sort of under the radar for me he just does his job well and more consistently than other defenders we’ve had in the past.I think we’ve found a good’en here I really do.


The reaction to him signing on for another 2 years spoke volumes about how the fan base view him.

I’d like to see a new right sided CB next season, as even though White performed okay there, I definitely think we can do better.


I really don’t think spending money on another centre back would be financially wise, a left back yes, a right back maybe, at the very least 1 out and out striker definitely.

He will be made captain in my opinion.

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We absolutely do need another centre-back, particularly if we are playing 3 at the back, because at the moment we’ve just got 3 plus White.

Aaron Pierre has just been released at Shrewsbury. Experienced, L2 promotions on his CV, and has a few goals in him.


We’ve got 3 at the club :joy: that’s it. Good luck getting through a season playing three at the back with three centre halves in your squad.


Good shout

I’ve never been a great fan of White - his positional sense isn’t great and he’s not that good on the ball either - apart from that, he’s a great player :woozy_face:

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We should have kept Leak. He’s got potential and can’t be that expensive, surely. I don’t understand why we released him. He’ll probably end up somewhere like Vale or Barrow.


If he doesn’t get the right deal he could just fade into obscurity, but I thought there was talent there to work with and as you say, surely cheaper than whatever we now need to sign.


Maybe he is already agreed with someone else. If yes, there weren’t many possibilities.

That would make sense, otherwise why release a proven back up who earns 5 bob a week?

I’m guessing many released players have already signed new deals, or are far with negotiations. But till June, they can’t be in two clubs. At least officially.


He was ripped apart by Swindon

He’s been ripped apart multiple times but some on here would have you believe he’s sensational because he ambles forward once a game with the ball barely under control.


Any signings announced today I wonder?

Makes us wonder whether his ‘4 or 5 over the line already’ comment may have meant those on the retained list?