Two full backs not good enough


He doesn’t know but he thinks he knows. There is a difference you know!!


I’d be absolutely amazed if Nicky Devlin, who wasn’t even a full time pro when we signed him, was on an absolute wedge to be honest.


That remark was later clarified by JW to mean spending on defenders!!! At the Fans Focus meeting around that time Gamble and Mole were non plussed by the comment!!!


All relative to what he was offered by SPL clubs, if he was. But agree, I’d be surprised if he is earning anywhere near what Edwards, Chambers, Dobson etc are.


Not to mention players like Simeon Jackson, at the time he signed, who had been paid Premier League wages at one time, and Erhun Oztumer who could have picked any club outside of the top 3.


You’ll see :slight_smile: for a right back from Ayr United - he’s on silly wages.


Well I’d imagine so, considering he went from Ayr United, part time, to a full time league one club.


I once saw a hedge.

Enjoy your day.


… what? Clearly that wasn’t a fair point. Just like all the others you haven’t addressed.


He’s full of nonsense. I’m ignoring him now. Can’t back up his claims with evidence but says he works on evidence. Absolute wetter.


My work here is done.




Makes claims. Says he only works with evidence. Claims debunked with evidence. Makes more claims without evidence. Called out for having no evidence. Calls others trolls. Makes more claims more without evidence. Called out but doesn’t reply with evidence when asked. Claims his work here is done.

What a strange strange man.




Wind your neck in now Mr D R. It’s not big or clever.


Dr DR*


I remember a time, many years ago, on an earlier version of this website, an earlier version of neuromantic scoffed at ideas that Stevie Gerrard would visit the Banks’s to watch his cousin in action because “he would have to have massive police protection”.

He was only a nipper back then mind :grin:


Ay? :joy::joy::joy:


Decent wind up merchant this guy , fair play nice work :clap:t2::clap:t2: