Two full backs not good enough


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You are talking about Players who were consistently poor last season - and now after a handful of games, are now perfectly acceptable at League 1 level in your opinion.

My view - is that over the course of this season - these same players will be found out. A consistent view I have held from the start of this campaign - a consistent gauge to the fact they are decent lads- not money grabbing journeyman - but simply not good enough.

If you dont agree - fine. But that is my view - and if you dont like it - no my problem - or indeed yours.

I am a Season Ticket Holder - who makes judgements over a period of time - not change my mind because someone is not as good -or indeed not as bad - as they were 6 weeks ago.


Furthermore Keates has improved the front 6 with better personal than JW assembled. This is still JW’S defence and Keates has been unable to get the Players in he wanted to improve this area of the team - he is still trying now.


Not fussed what goes down well with you.

I said weeks ago we should keep our own council - so do one my friend - and leave me to enjoy UTS


It’s not been 6 weeks though has it? It’s been over two months.

But yeah, you can just point blank refuse to take any performances after the end of last season to fit your narrative if you want. Still not sure what that has to do with them not being championship quality though and why that matters.


It fits your narrative - consistently poor last season - some good game’s this. Some improvement - yet you talk like they have been fantastic - which they haven’t.

All In League 1.


All in league one? Yeah obviously.

I think Leahy has been fantastic.But clearly a left back smashing free kicks, getting assists and picking up man of the match awards doesn’t meet your standards.

Besides we weren’t arguing that they’ve been fantastic you were arguing to begin with that they aren’t championship level (which they aren’t because non of our players are) and then that they haven’t even been league one standard (which I’m genuinely baffled by considering you are a season ticket holder).


How many more times do I have to explain the same thing to you!?

I said firstly in pre season they weren’t League 1 standard-and that they are only at the Club because they are under contract -as they had been consistenly poor in LEAGUE 1 LAST SEASON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

Secondly I have said that in my view - they will again be found out over the course of the season - because both are poor defensively and Leahy in particular- is an easy target for the opposition.

Thirdly again repeating myself, the back 4 is JW’s and Keates has made it clear, he needs to strengthen. Again the contract situation together with his failed attempts to land his prime targets, has meant this area of the team remains from JW.

My final post on this subject - and if ýou still can’t understand, then I’m past caring to be honest.


Yes. I’m merely pointing out that it strange to completely disregard this seasons form just because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Please do not talk down to me as if I don’t understand your point as I’ve demonstrated throughout that I do.

I simply don’t understand the logic to it. Because it isn’t there.

I’ve given multiple reasons for this. You’ve largely ignored them. Maybe instead of just explaining the same thing over and over again and clearly getting yourself worked up you can try actually addressing my point directly. Like I have to you.


FFS. Please, stop.


Stop what?


Well I won’t be the last to have arguments with if you carry on talking down to people who disagree. Just saying.

Enjoy the site.


… making good points in a conversation where someone else is talking down to you.



:face_with_hand_over_mouth: oh look. Devlin dropped.


Leahy at fault for the goal. Again.