Two full backs not good enough


Like who? Dobson aside?


Roberts, maybe Ferrier at a push? Not sure Guthrie could make the jump just yet.


Roberts is a good shot stopper but has a long way to go before he’s championship standard. Ferrier I completely disagree. I like him he looks a really good player at this level but if you are in the championship with him as your striker you won’t score many and that’s not a criticism. It’s not expected of him. He’s very raw.

Absolutely ridiculous to point out that a player in our team isn’t “championship territory”. I count one in the whole squad. And why should they be when mid table would be seen as a successful year.


I think Ferrier has the potential to play at that level, and if a hypothetical promotion occurred I can’t imagine it would happen without him scoring a lot of goals and really developing as a league striker. Dobson is certainly the nearest we have to a Championship player right now, though.

All theoretical and I agree, this conversation is ridiculous.


Well exactly. Any of them COULD go onto play championship. I’ve seen players I thought were terrible improve to comfortably be that level and I’ve seen players I thought were nailed on championship players completely flop.

You might as well say “I’m sure Gerogie Dobson’s a great bloke, but he’s not Champions League territory”. It’s not relevant to our situation.


More nonsense from DARKOMAVRAK I see. You’re right, that statement is not relevant to our situation at all.

Right now both players are playing well. Both are making positive contributions and both are passionate. That’s all I want as a fan.


Important to remember the context of this season against the previous two. Keates has done a remarkable job so far and there isn’t one player in the squad who hasn’t stepped up for him.


At the start of the season , just 5% on here expected us to be where we are now at the end of the season. Only 7% in total thought we would be top 10.

It seems either absurd , or obvious, depending on how you look at it, to say at the moment that players wouldn’t be up to the consequences of a promotion only a handful thought realistic.


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It’s completely relevant if Players are going to be handed new 2 or 3 year deals, who are not even good enough for League 1 (on a consistent basis)


Oh yeah. After telling me I know nothing about football just for disagreeing with you I’m going to have pops. Suck it up.


That was my opinion - not a constant stream of digs/comments and childish name calling when I’ve opted the thread.

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And it’s my opinion that you’re talking nonsense. What’s the difference?

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A) No it isn’t. You are still talking about two completely different standards. You originally said championship territory, now you have revised that to not even good enough for League One.

B) How many games have you actually been to this season out of interest? I’ve seen 9 so far and Leahy has had an average game in one. And he was far from the worst player on our side that day. The rest he has definitely been league one standard, even MOTM at times. I’d call that consistent wouldn’t you?


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Sorry @DARKOMAVRAK , you’re just going to have to put up with me. A good start would be to not label people as idiots and “not knowing anything about football” when they disagree with you. Doesn’t usually go down too well on a forum and certainly doesn’t go down well with me. :+1: